Friday, May 13, 2011

Ah Shucks. I jumped on the bandwagon again.

Yep, its true: I decided to start a blog because I was inspired by so many. They know who they are, well at least they should: because they rock at bloggin'. 

Today was an eventful day and I am excited to be able to share with ....well to whom it may concern.:) 

My husband and I have been living in Michigan (back in MI for the hub's) for over 2 weeks now and its been  GO GO GO. We are determined to get jobs and then get a place of our own. Egh, you're probably thinking: are they homeless? The answer to that question is NO, because of the in-laws/rent's, we have a roof over our head. Whew, okay I said it...yep we're living with the parents until we save up enough to get a place of our own: A HOUSE... one we can flourish and call home

It's rough out there and we don't want to start off living day to we did at the beach. We got high hopes for the job search: and many, many connections. Thank the ____ (insert preference)! <3

Here's a toast to new beginnings ------<:)

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