Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Bacon Won

Today my husband and two of his bestests, Josh and Brent, and I went to a place called Tony's Restaurant in Sagninaw, MI....about one n half hour drive! Well let me tell you first that they woke us up and said "Would you like to go eat the nation's biggest BLT?" Our initial thought was ...ummm yes but let us wake up!!!:)

So we go...and let me tell was a POUND of BACON per BLT. It was awesome! Zach, nor I got it but I got the Turkey BLT and it was GINORMOUS. Awesome, we felt Man Vs. Food: except the food won. 

This is what a Tony's BLT looks like :

It was awesome. Both Josh and Brent took one half of it could feed a small country with just that one sandwich!

Oh, what a day. More good time's to come Michigan. :)

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