Sunday, June 19, 2011

My Top 15

Let me start out by saying that I am extremely excited about the next concert we are going to: INCUBUS. Yes, its true, and I feel they are one of the greatest bands ever to hit the air. So I go to thinking about my top ten bands, and then I couldn't narrow it down, so I made it a top 15.

Music is a big deal to Zach and I, at least in our lives anyways. It has opened my mind and helped me see the world differently (and in my opinion, how it should be seen); and if we didn't have it, we would be a bunch of boring ole' fuddy duddy's. Yes, boring and thoughtless. 

There are many, many genre's of music and I pretty much like all of them, but here are the bands I CANNOT live without. Literally. 

In no particular order, here are my Top 15: 

1) Incubus. They have been around since 1991, and are still trucking. They just released a album and tour dates: I get to see my first Incubus concert with the one I love on August 24--righteous. 

2) Red Hot Chili Peppers. Formed in 1983, and also still performing. They have a unique sound that will always be "music to my ears". 

3) Foo Fighters. Formed in 1994, the singer of this band, Dave Grohl, was also the drummer for a great band: Nirvana; however, I like Foo Fighters just a wee bit more. Nirvana is definitely in my top 25, but trying to keep it simple here ;)

4) Sublime. The band is back with a new singer and sounding pretty similar to old Sublime. In which, old sublime will never get old, never. I could play any one of their songs and keep it on repeat. They are that good. 

5) Bob Marley (& The Whalers). "One love" has been the motto since 1963. How can one not like a musician who's signature move represents the turmoil experienced in his homeland of Jamaica? I feel he is the father of reggae, and is a vital person to the music industry. 

6) Band Of Horses. This band, originally from Seattle, are now based out of my home state of South Carolina: very cool. Zach and I were introduced to them by a Mississippi man at our friends wedding in April 2010; however, they have been around since 2004. How did I miss them for 6 years?? That answer is beyond me, but I am in love with them. I have yet to get sick of them, seriously. I think I may be obsessed. :)

7) Coldplay. A great English band that has been opening minds since 2000. If you don't like Coldplay, you must be close-minded. Every time I listen to them, I think of what's to come and the unknown. Play a CD of theirs, it will get you thinking of outer space, promise. 

8) Jack Johnson. My long lost cousin, I mean all Johnson's are related right? One can only hope. He used to be a pro-surfer, now he's a pro musician. He's been jammin' since the 2000's and he still gets me every time. 

9)K-OS. You're probably thinking, who the heck is "K-OS?" Well I have an answer, he's a musician from Canada, and has been rocking the underground world since 1993. I was introduced back in 2006, and love his beats. He's a rapper, songwriter, and producer. Pop one of his CD's in or download it on iTunes, it'll get you off your feet; at least it does for me. :)

10) Led Zeppelin. Formed in since 1968, this band is one of the greatest classic rock band's to have ever lived. Seriously, I feel like I rewind 40 years every time I listen to their music. Now that's what I call music. 

11) Michael Jackson. Good ole' MJ, you know he's my favorite and will never be replaced. I don't care what they say, he IS the king of pop. 

12) Tom Petty. A great American classic, and one of my favorite's to sing at karaoke. Last dance with mary jane, need I say more?

13) 311. They started in the late 80s, and had greatest hits by 2004. They rock my socks off, and amber is the color of their energy :)

14) Ben Harper. I saw him when I was 15 (eek almost 11 years ago), front and center. It was by far one of the best concerts I have ever been too, but I'm pretty sure seeing Incubus in August is going to top that!

15) Ludacris. My favorite rapper, not a bad actor, and great background music. I love his beats, I love his demeanor, and I think he's awesome. Period. 

There they are, read em' and weep; or just download/buy their music :) 

Friday, June 17, 2011

All smiles 8-)

Life is going in the right place for us, and it's pretty awesome I must say. For starters .... I got a job! :) Yes, the job with the amazing setting, and now I've learned some pretty amazing people. It is going really well, and I definitely don't mind going into work :) Zach is starting RN school in the fall, ah!! So in 3 years he will be a certified trauma RN and is going to rock at it ;)! Also we have been having lots of good times on my weekends off work (yes, totally awesome) with friends and family. I am loving it up here, and can't wait for the next step: getting a place of our own.

Here's some great photos from our weekends off and some beautiful Michigan sunsets, beach, and landscape(Lake Michigan: very BIG lake that looks like an ocean)

For starters, the sunsets: everyday!!! :) Here's a couple photos for ya. 

And how bout these awesome weeping willows? Ah, I want this day <3

It's beautiful here in Michigan, guess that's why they say summer's are the best, because you only get a short period of it! :)

So far, life is treating us well. This journey is great so far, and I cant wait for the next step: buying a house!

Here's something you wouldn't expect in Michigan, paddle boarders! Baha, here are people on
  Lake Michigan ...paddling it up.