Friday, June 17, 2011

All smiles 8-)

Life is going in the right place for us, and it's pretty awesome I must say. For starters .... I got a job! :) Yes, the job with the amazing setting, and now I've learned some pretty amazing people. It is going really well, and I definitely don't mind going into work :) Zach is starting RN school in the fall, ah!! So in 3 years he will be a certified trauma RN and is going to rock at it ;)! Also we have been having lots of good times on my weekends off work (yes, totally awesome) with friends and family. I am loving it up here, and can't wait for the next step: getting a place of our own.

Here's some great photos from our weekends off and some beautiful Michigan sunsets, beach, and landscape(Lake Michigan: very BIG lake that looks like an ocean)

For starters, the sunsets: everyday!!! :) Here's a couple photos for ya. 

And how bout these awesome weeping willows? Ah, I want this day <3

It's beautiful here in Michigan, guess that's why they say summer's are the best, because you only get a short period of it! :)

So far, life is treating us well. This journey is great so far, and I cant wait for the next step: buying a house!

Here's something you wouldn't expect in Michigan, paddle boarders! Baha, here are people on
  Lake Michigan ...paddling it up. 

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