Sunday, July 24, 2011

If not now, when?

 A quote from Talmud. The title of Incubus's new album. And a very true statement indeed.

I started doing yoga about 5 years ago and I stand by it 100%. It has helped me overcome obstacles in life that were hard to surpass without having some sort of stress relieving activity on a daily basis. I also took an intermediate class for a couple months to up my flexibility and learn new poses, and that was a great experience. But, I have been a little slack lately and I'm not sure why (maybe being a newlywed has spoiled me or not having our own space). However, I do know I am getting back into the regimen again and it feels great. I can already feel my body getting back to a better, less lazy state, after one or two 30 minute sessions.  Yoga, you've been missed.

My next goals:  

If you are a person who doesn't like to work out or run, yoga is your best bet at getting fit. For many, many reasons its great for you, but here are my favorite perks:

1)It tones your every muscle (even ones you didn't know existed!)
2)It helps soothe the mind (and clear it, if you're into it)
3)You don't get red faced at the end of a session (unless its hot yoga, which I have yet to try)
4)You're at ease when you're work out is over (don't know about the rest, but I detest feeling tired after a workout)
5)Its a 3 in 1 combo (stretching, toning, and fulfilling)
6)It is FREE (well part of your cable package on FitTV: Namaste Yoga, that's where I started: those girls look amazing and the narrator is extremely helpful; so helpful I went and bought the DVDs)
7)Stemmed from the core, it helps balance the flow of your entire body
8)Its simply awesome. 

Yoga is not impossible, you just have to keep at it and all things will become clear and at ease. :) 

As Talmud and Incubus stated, if not now, when will you?

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