Tuesday, September 6, 2011

26 and counting. . .

     I totally forgot to mention in the last post that I just celebrated a birthday. A 26th birthday at that. I do love my birthday, probably one of my favorite holidays of the year :D. Everyone should be ecstatic for their birthday, its your day of birth: and if you're like me, my husband, or Barney from How I Met Your Mother, then you're awesome. And awesome people love celebrating their birthdays. I got to celebrate with almost the whole gang here in Michigan, and it was rather fun :).
    However, it did make me realize that I am 4 years closer to 30,  30??? Oh my, where did time fly? Seriously, hitting 25 was fun because I got to rent a car for lesser than that of a 24 yr old; but where does 26 get me? Unknown because apparently to most 26 +...its all down hill from here. 

Well screw that, I'm not gonna let a two digit number stand in my way of happiness, just gotta keep reminding myself of the goods in life, to override the bads.
For instance, my goods: 

  •  I have never been told I look my age, always younger, ALWAYS. No, I mean I get carded to buy cigars and get into places 18+.  Apparently I still look like a high schooler, yay. How bout' I thank myself in 4 years when I hit the big 3-0. 
  • I possess a degree, a BS in Psychology. Do I have a job that requires my degree? No, but I do thank my lucky stars I found a job and make half of what I "should be making" (according to my former career counselor and jobs.com); but compared to my previous waitressing, beer promotions, and telemarketing jobs: it is awesome and makes me feel more of a 26 year old. 
  • I have a great family and some pretty awesome friends, and without Facebook I would know nothing of their lives: thank you to the founders of Facebook, for you rock. 
  • I'm married to the most incredible man, and I thank 11:11, eyelashes, shooting stars, and birthday candles for him, at least I got one of my wishes granted <3

So see, if you're ever in a negative state, remind yourself of all the goods that surround you and it will help you forget the bads.

Or, do what this says: 

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  1. Love it! Being 26 myself, I don't feel old! I also look younger than I am. My son keeps me young!


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