Sunday, September 4, 2011

Our Humble Abode

Humble Abode: perfect phrase for our new rental, well new to us anyways :) . Zach and I have been living here for about 2 weeks now, and we are about half way finished with unpacking and home furnishings.
Something that keeps happening to me is the decorator that seems to burst out of me every time I (now we) move into a new place.  Its instilled in me, actually maybe that is the artistic talent I have. Like for instance, my sisters :my oldest sister, Rosie, is no doubt the best artist I know: she is amazing, and has no idea how amazing she is. My second to kin sister, Teresa, is also an incredible artist with design abilitie; and to think I thought I had only dance abilities. Well, I think I proved myself wrong :)

We have been using things that we have acquired from our wedding (gifts and actual wedding decor) to decorate and it sure is a nice remembrance from our special day :).

First, we finished the kitchen because I have been craving to cook something. Ok, let's face it I can't really cook all that great, but I sure can bake. I love to bake, being that I am a sweet-aholic and all. I also got a bit crafty on myself and used old magazine pages and frames to make wall decor for the kitchen, half bath, and my future vanity.

Next we partially finished the living room. We are waiting to get a desk from our sister and finding the right frames and prints for our wedding photos. But for now, here is what we have done. :) 

And our welcoming statue right at the front door. No, really, she is Shakka, the goddess of welcome :)

The half bath is pretty cute; my favorite is the frog about to jump out at ya :) 

And here is a sneak peek of our bedroom, along with the picture I made for my vanity. I can't wait to decorate our room! :)

Stay tuned until next time :) 


  1. I love all of your homemade touches to your house. So cute. You have an artistic talent!

  2. You have a lovely home! This is a really fun idea!

  3. Very nice :)

    How fun you found me and recognized me from PW! :) I would love to see more pics from your wedding and stuff. Do you have them here on the blog?


Thanks for the support ! :) Peace and Love! :)