Thursday, September 15, 2011

Why I love Facebook

Why I love Facebook? I really couldn't think of a more blunt title than that. I began thinking about this a few weeks ago and read this article today, Facebook Now, 2011, and then realized how amazing Facebook really is. But reading comments on the article with people bashing the site for privacy reasons and such is obscure to me. It's the best way to communicate in this era, and has great privacy settings: I mean you can literally block whomever...whenever. So I've decided to blog about it and list a few reasons why I'm addicted to FB :) 
  • Its now more popular than Google and hit 500 million users this past July. Wow, that's insane but awesome. Simply thinking about it, there are roughly 300 million of us in the US your neighbor is likely a Facebook junkie too :) 
  • I love being able to connect with about 98 % of my family and 100% of my friends. Seriously, call me lazy, but it is a much quicker way of communicating. Updating your status is like updating your life to your people, without even having to pick up the phone :) Clearly the cell phone business is thriving as well, so its not like we don't still call or text. But c'mon, you know you love reading friends and family members statuses' and letting them know you're interested in their life by "liking" their status or typing a comment. :) It's genius. 
  • I can factually say I am part of a trend, because my during my soph year in college our school signed some sort of petition... to be on Facebook, back in 2004/2005. And boy did we become obsessed, and we still are :). A lot has changed on the site in the past 7 years, but it's growing...and its not likely to stop : ) And if it did, I would be super upset and sign whatever petition to get it back and running. 
  • As you know, birthdays are great days. Even greater when you get 14529384598358 people to say "Happy Birthday" to you, all because of Facebook's happy reminder or the user looks at "Today's Birthdays" :) Can't you feel the love <3
  • It's not the most important thing in this world, but it is pretty darn sweet. :) 
So what's you're top visited site? 

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  1. I love Facebook too! It's the only way I can stay connected to many of my cousins and old friends! I love looking at people's photos and seeing how far everyone has come in their lives! Love it!

  2. I'm definitely a Facebook addict. I would have lost touch with soooo many people were it not for that site!

    ~ Angela

  3. Facebook for sure. =) That and google (for gmail and blogger). Im following now, and maybe you'll visit me some day.


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