Sunday, November 27, 2011

Cleveland Rocks!!!

Okay, well it rocked when we were there last weekend with my mom celebrating her birthday!! :) I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving (Normally I would share all the photos I took on Thanksgiving, but I totally forgot to take some:)) 

So instead I am going to share with all you some illegal photos from the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame! Teheh, apparently you aren't supposed to take photos while in the hall of fame, but I did..and I am SO PROUD :)

Hope y'all enjoy these photos, I would have tons more...except for the fact I probably would have gotten caught if I took a picture of everything! :)

The Rock n Roll Hall of Fame

Giant Michael Jackson Glove :) 
Pink Floyd's The Wall

Zach reading the Wall :)
Zach and I :) 
Britney Spears Infamous Costume

No caption needed :) 
They inducted me!!!! :) I wish! :)
Janis Joplin's sweet ride

Hope y'all enjoyed! :) Now onto to decorating for Christmas...hmmmm : )?


  1. Oo, sneaky sneaky! Thanks for sharing these clandestine photos with us.

  2. Wow! These are awesome photos! Looks like a great time! I especially love the pic with Janis Joplin's car!!! I'm totally jealous! :)


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