Sunday, November 6, 2011

Holidaze, Celebrate

Yup, its that time of the year again. Where we get to surround ourselves with love, with food, possibly presents, and all things glittery :) 

Next weekend, the 18th, is my mom's birthday. And she is coincidentally going to be in Cleveland that weekend for work, which is only a 4 hour drive for us (as compared to mom's house in SC: 12 hour drive). So we are driving down to celebrate her birthday, and an early Thanksgiving. :) I am so so so SO excited to see my mom! I miss her so much and love that it has worked out for us to see her again. Of course I wish my brother and sisters could come up too, but its just not in the cards :(. However, my mom's bestie, Melinda, lives an hour or so from Cleveland. So she'll be driving over too! It is going to be a great weekend, so once again: STOKED. 
My awesome mother and I :) 

Next on the calendar is Thanksgiving. And it seems that Zach's family doesn't really celebrate it together, so we were invited *awesome* to both of our co-workers meals. One during the day, and one at night. Super excited to have a classic Thanksgiving meal with some pretty awesome people. And I love to bring food, so now I must figure out what meal I am going to bring, or what dessert :) ?

Next is Christmas! I can't wait to decorate our Christmas tree. It isn't our first, but its our first as a married couple, and its going to include something really special: our guests wishes' from the wedding. We did a guestbook tree and the guests wrote on sand dollars with well wishes and such. We are going to use all of them as ornaments this year, as a reminder of our special day and all of our friends/family that we won't be able to celebrate the holidays with. :) And I will *more than likely* have my first WHITE Christmas:). 
This was such a great idea, I'm so glad we did this! 
Source: via Mary on Pinterest

Lastly, New Years! So we have just planned a trip to go to Chicago to ring in the new year. Two of our friends, that we met on our honeymoon cruise, live in Chicago and we are going to visit them! So excited! We met such a great group of people on our honeymoon, so its nice to be able to hang out with all of them again (unfortunately they aren't all in the same city lol)
Our awesome Chicago buds, bro n sis, Becky n Adam

Tehe, too funny! Guess only time will tell! Are you a believer/

I also found this amazing dress on Pinterest, but I cannot find it to buy it!!!! What the french, its just a big tease! Luckily I am pretty crafty, so I am going to find a black dress and make this on my own  :)

Source: via Mary on Pinterest


  1. So basically, you get to have three Thanksgivings this year? Awesome! Have fun in Chicago! I've always wanted to visit!

  2. That photo of you and your mom is so sweet :) And that dress is gorgeous - I'll keep an eye out :)

  3. Sounds like you'll be busy for quite a while, have fun.


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