Sunday, January 29, 2012

Cosmic Love

Hello bloggers! Hope you you're doing well on this lovely Sunday evening. The last Sunday of January...can you believe it?? I can't, time is just flying by. But that just means that its getting closer to spring...and in our case..warmer weather! 

Ok, there I said it. I miss the warm weather down south, so sue me! Its not fair, last years SC winter was a winter, this year they get 70s.  BS :) 

So to remind you of how flippin cold it is, I'm going to share some of our photos we took over the holiday season. It was 17 degrees that day, yes below freezing...and well friggin freezing! :) But you can't tell :) All photos taken by Ariniko Artistry, you can check her out @ :) 

I call our love cosmic, and I am also obsessed with Florence and The Machine's song: Cosmic Love. Its a must hear, and if you don't like it...well you need to broaden your taste in music :) 

Only a couple more months, then this girl is busting out her flip flops :) 

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