Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Soulmates Galore

This weekend Zach and I are going to our friend's wedding in Mount Pocono, PA. Now let me give you a little background on this couple :)

We met them on OUR honeymoon on a cruise, and I call them our 'soulmate couple'. I mean the statement should be pretty self explanatory :) They are AWESOME and I am so happy we get to see them tie the knot! Never would I have thought we would meet such an amazing couple while we were off celebrating our love, and then we get to go and see them celebrate their love! It is just beyond amazing.

And to add to that awesomeness, my BESTEST friend lives on the way to their wedding, so we are stopping and seeing her (only for a short few hours: but every little bit counts right? :)) She is amazing, and I miss her SO MUCH! I haven't seen her since our wedding (back in April 2011!)

Here's the amazingly awesome couple we are seeing tying the knot this weekend

Scotty and Jenna :)

Haha, TOUGH love :)

With the hubs
So. Much. Fun.

And my awesome best friend, Adina :)

She's amazing, if ya didn't already know :)

I hope everyone has an amazing weekend, I know we will. And I can't wait to post some pictures (fare warning...its gonna get crazy Saturday at the wedding, I can already feel it) :)


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tuesday's Treasure

This past weekend Zach and I took a trip to Bay City, MI to visit some friends, attend a UFC fight, and watch a boat race...called the River Roar. I must say, it was the most fun I have had in a long time and I can't wait to go back again and visit! It reminds me of Charleston, SC...but like a million times smaller (which I prefer bc Charleston is too cluster for me!) :)

While we were out and about we went on a little nature walk :) I had on my awesome DIY high waisted shorts, and decided it should be my treasure for you all this week.

I used a bunch of old shirts (stuff PLATOs closet didn't want) as the fabric and bought a pair of high waisted shorts. I must say, they turned out pretty good, except when you look at my looks like a 5 yr old did it :)

I hope everyone had a great weekend....and a great week ahead !

Shorts: The Goodwill, Paris Blues, $3.49

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tuesday's Treasure

Okay I want to apologize for not posting the last TWO Tuesday's bad :/ I really have no excuse, life got busy and it just slipped my mind. But I will try to be more consistent...key word try :)

For this weeks Tuesday's Treasure, I have gathered two great finds. One is so versatile I cannot even begin to explain..but if you're really into fashion, then you probably already know so no explanation is needed. The second is a recent piece of gold, at least in my eyes :) It can be worn day or night, I chose day. :) 

The vest is my versatility, and the skirt is my gold. 

Jean Vest: Goodwill, No Boundaries (oh yeah Walmart style), $3.49
Maxi Skirt: Volunteers of America, Unknown (no tag), $1.99

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Plain Jane

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Well I wouldn't particularly say plain, but nothing out of the ordinary. 
This weekend was a good ole' dandy weekend, spent time with our family out by the pool, saw a friends new, but vintage house, enjoyed some sunshine from our beautiful star, and finished a book from beginning to end :) 

I hope everyone else enjoyed their weekend as much as I did ! :) 
Sunshine to start off the weekend right :) 
I have been dying to start her series :) And coffee is always a plus!
My diva of niece, she's a sweetheart I promise :) 
See, such a sweetie <3
Zach and I took a mini adventure...with no path :) 
Low and behold, there's a bird nest on the deck ! Too cute!
Our friends new house key...pretty sweet right? :) 
I mean, its in the its gotta be on my blog.
Beautiful sunset Saturday that country or what/
And Sunday Sunrise :) 

I finished the book, but don't have the next one...looks like I have some books to buy :)

 As for now, I'm gathering my favorite treasure for this weeks, Tuesday Treasure...stay tuned :)

Friday, June 15, 2012

High Low Fun

I have been inspired by the lovely Jessica to post some more fashion for you all.

I LOVE fashion and I LOVE the high low look. I bought this skirt from Forever21 in January and now they have an even better selection! I must get more, but for now here's my one piece of the high low trend. :)

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Saturday, June 9, 2012


Just another day in the life of Zach and Mary, you know randomness...sillyness, and of course ice cream :) 

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! :) 

Saturday, June 2, 2012

I Feel Pretty, Oh So Pretty

Feeling pretty today, could be because I am wearing my favorite treasure and we have a things on the agenda today.

It is also qutie beautiful outside.

Making me feel all pretty  know like Lauren Conrad pretty :) 

 <3 Happy Saturday <3

Friday, June 1, 2012

Sunset Ride

What can I say? I just love to go on adventures of all kinds, big and small :). This time I took a bike ride, and its pretty dang hard to take a picture of your bike while pedaling...and probably not a safe idea. However, I was in a field with nothing but mother earth holding my fall.

The sweet green grass,the sun shining, and of course an ipod to add music to the perfect anecdote from one helluva week.

I say if ya got a bike, then pedal on my friends...pedal on. And also, cheers to the freakin' weekend.  :)

(by the way the bike came from my father in law, he found it and fixed it up to ride for me when I moved up here, ain't he sweet?)