Sunday, June 17, 2012

Plain Jane

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Well I wouldn't particularly say plain, but nothing out of the ordinary. 
This weekend was a good ole' dandy weekend, spent time with our family out by the pool, saw a friends new, but vintage house, enjoyed some sunshine from our beautiful star, and finished a book from beginning to end :) 

I hope everyone else enjoyed their weekend as much as I did ! :) 
Sunshine to start off the weekend right :) 
I have been dying to start her series :) And coffee is always a plus!
My diva of niece, she's a sweetheart I promise :) 
See, such a sweetie <3
Zach and I took a mini adventure...with no path :) 
Low and behold, there's a bird nest on the deck ! Too cute!
Our friends new house key...pretty sweet right? :) 
I mean, its in the its gotta be on my blog.
Beautiful sunset Saturday that country or what/
And Sunday Sunrise :) 

I finished the book, but don't have the next one...looks like I have some books to buy :)

 As for now, I'm gathering my favorite treasure for this weeks, Tuesday Treasure...stay tuned :)


  1. That sunset is incredible! Looks like you had a wonderful weekend! Good luck finding a treasure!! :)

  2. Super cute blog and I too am getting ready to start Lauren Conrads book!

  3. so so sooo gorgeous pics dear!

  4. What an absolutely fabulous weekend!! Off-trail nature walks are the best! A good book completes a relaxing weekend! :)


Thanks for the support ! :) Peace and Love! :)