Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tuesday's Treasure

And its Tuesday once again my friends. So sorry for no blog posts in between! Zach and I are super busy with a few things going on, but hopefully it will all slow down after Labor Day weekend (hopefully :)). 

Anyways, I do have a cute treasure for you all today. I think its just adorable...and SO COMFY. I mean I wanna wear it as a nighty its so comfy :) I am feeling like a 90s child with this particular outfit, but that could be because I AM a child of the 90s. I actually GREW UP in the 90s, I wasn't born in the 90s. The 90s is just one of my favorite era's when it comes to fashion. They just took it to a whole new extreme, and I still love to rock it. My hair is even straight....and that NEVER happens :) 

Hope you enjoy it too!

Dress: The Goodwill, All That Jazz, $3.99

Another steal and awesome maxi dress to add to my collection!
Hope everyone is having a great week, and that it continues to be great! 

PS---Can you believe tomorrow is AUGUST! I can't, time is in speed of light mode for me, what about you?

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tuesday's Treasure

All be darn it's Tuesday again! :) And I have yet another treasure show to share with you all ...again :) I told you this was a recurring thing, did ya think I was jokin' around? Hehe, well I wasn't too consistent with my posts last year, so I am trying much harder this year...and really liking this treasure thing :) !

This post has FOUR treasures!!! I can't believe my eyes, I am absolutely in love again...with this ENTIRE outfit. And I am still flabbergasted that it costs as much as does for you Starbuckers to get have two/three specialty coffees. Yeah, that's right..I'm calling you out. Those drinks aren't cheap, and you may get a gold star every time you buy one, but you sure as hell can't drink it again after its gone. :) Mind you I get a Biggby from time to time, but its usually on days I go thrift (treat myself!)

Every person should be a thrifter. I really can't justify spending $15 on a shirt, $30 on a skirt,$10 on a belt, and $25 on a purse. Maybe you high class rollers can feel at ease spending THAT much, but us regular people would rather use that extra money elsewhere :) I'm not cheap, I'm rational..and know how to dig :)  
So in total = that is $80 for an outfit. And the outfit I'm sharing today is just those four things, but WAY below $80. 

Here's to my $9 outift. :) 

All from the Goodwill 
Halter Top: Lei, $1.99
Maxi Skirt: Thin Air, $2.99
Braided Belt: Unknown, $.99
Straw Clutch: Merona, $2.99 (previously thrifted long, long ago but never shared)

Come on people, ladies especially, get your thrift on...you're missing out! 

Monday, July 23, 2012

Colt -45 and Two Zig Zags

Well I didn't actually have a colt 45 and two zig zags, but I did get to hold my first big girl gun and did some pretty fun things this past weekend. 
Friday night I made dinner (mind you ...this never happens LOL) and it was pretty good..even turned it into some yummy leftovers on Sunday night. I think you could say I'm a pretty good wife;) After dinner we saw the Dark Knight Rises (which I enjoyed.....I just wish there was more ACTION) However, I love my BATMAN. My ultimate favorite comic book of all time! 
Saturday we ran some errands, saw a sweet hot air balloon, lounged and got to hold a big ole rifle. My second time holding a gun, my first time with a rifle. Now some may disagree, but I think shooting is a great stress reliever. I am not the hunting type of girl, just like to hit the bullseye...or wood blocks. We didn't shoot anything because it's the parents property not ours! :) Guess I'll have to wait til next time to actually shoot the big girl gun, but I felt cool holding it  :) 
Sunday Zach and our friend Josh just lounged around the in-laws pool and got a lil sun burn. Nothing wrong with being lazy on a Sunday :) 
Enjoy my documentation...you know I love to share pictures! :) 

Beautiful, and so random :) 

Crazy wife in the kitcen :*
Moo cow

Watch out, I'm trained :) 
Pretty flower :) 

Lunch time, and beer thirty :) 

Hehe, that is Zach's feet you see sticking out, silly husband :) 

Yours truly :-)

I have one AMAZING outfit for tomorrows Tuesday Treasure, I can't wait to share it! 

Hasta manana amigos!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tuesday's Treasure

Hello friends! Hope everyone is having a fabulous Tuesday today!

I have one awesome treasure to share with you all!! On Saturday morning I went on a "thrift crawl", met some pretty sweet ladies and found some great finds. I only ended up going to 2 of about 6 stops because I had to get home and get geared up for Common Ground Day 6 :)

I am in love with my new find, and it reminds me a lot of the layered dress I recently wore to our friends wedding a few weeks ago, you can see that dress here ! :) It can be worn day or night, and that's what I love most about it :)

Hope you like it, cuz' I sure do! :)

Dress: Volunteer's of America, Harara, $2.99

~Happy Tuesday~

Monday, July 16, 2012

Common Ground Festival: Last Day (Day 7)

Well the 7 day festival is over, and I am not happy about it! Haha, I had the BEST time!!!! It was so awesome to go see live music every day for week, and headliners at that!!! I am still in shock that I was able to finally see some bands I have been dying to see for a really, really long time. :)

On the last day of the festival, the main headliner was Sublime with Rome. Now if you're a fan, you know its obviously not Bradley Noel, because he's six feet under in California...but if you're not: Rome is their new singer, same band members just a new singer and some new tunes! Rome did an awesome job and sounds very similar to Bradley, and he did a freakin killer job!

I took a lot of pictures last night because our friend Josh came, brother and his friend, and then Josh's co workers were there too! So we had a much bigger group this time, so of course I have to document it all! :)


This guy had the best tattoo!!!! :)

Sublime Ready :)

The dudes

The birthday boy, deuce deuce!

Pretty :)

Too.Much.Fun :)

Here they come!!! :)

Me and the sugar

Two Joints :)

i ain't got no santeria!!!

Ah had the best time at the festival and can't wait for it next year!!!!
Thanks to everyone for reading all the posts and I hope you enjoyed it, almost as much as I enjoyed the festival it self:)

Have a great treasure for tomorrows blog post, so stay tuned!!!!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Common Ground Festival: Day 6

Day 6 of Common Ground: wow, just WOW. I didn't think it could get any better, and boy was I wrong. Last night was the BEST SHOW I have EVER been to. And I 100% blame it on the weather!!!!! 

Last night's headliners were Saving Abel and Three Days Grace, and it was the best lineup ALL WEEK, and of all the concerts I have been to, TO DATE. Oh em freaking gee, I can't explain it you just had to have been there! 

Our friend Mike came up (whom we also met on our honeymoon cruise!) and that was just SWEET in general! And it RAINED the entire time, from the start of Saving Abel until we left after Three Days Grace. And I have never been to a concert in the rain, just before or after the rain...and it was beyond awesome. Seeing a live ROCKIN' show in the rain, should be on everyone's bucket list!!! I wish I could have pictures of the awesome rain pouring down on us as we rock out to Saving Abel and Three Days Grace, but I don't have that great of a camera; but what I did capture is pretty sweet. I hope you all enjoy the photos, but it definitely doesn't do the shows justice. Simply amazing. 


This girl is ready to rock!!!!!!! :) :) 

There 5 minutes, and down comes the rain! Rock on!!! : ) 

Saving Abel, put on one hell of a show!!!!!

Thank you Mike for coming dude, is was SWEET!!! :) 

cheers to the freakin rain!!!!!

And the awesome, Three Days Grace, friggin AMAZING

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Common Ground Festival: Day 5

This festival is going by so fast, and I don't like it one bit!!!! I am absolutely loving all the bands this year, and I can't believe its almost over! :(

But before we jump ahead, let me show you some fun we had on day 5, which the headliners were Soul Asylum and The Wallflowers!!!!

They both put on great shows, and I loved that there was WAY less people last night, than the night before...I just can't breathe with that many people! I like to be able to move around, my feet are for dancing at concerts, not just standing :) We happened to be right up front by the stage that comes out in the crowd, and met some pretty sweet ladies while up there. Unfortunately Jakob Dylan did not come out onto that part (figures we finally get right up front and the main singer doesn't come out: was a little disappointed :( ) However, Zach did manage to look down at his toes once and there it was: it was like a piece of gold: ONE OF ERIC CHURCHs pic's!!!!!!!!! Someone must have missed that last night! 


Our sun being all beautiful on our walk in ) 

For my ladies! Thanks to my MIL for the tube top, finally used it;) 

Me and the sugar

HOLY COW, Yah Zach found this the next day!!! #treasure

Some awesome girls, hope to see them tonight! :) 

The Wallflowers, great show! 

Haha, I love these random people who stick their hands up for photos

Mr Jakob Dylan, what a cool guy: and a great sense of humor :) 

Tonight is day 6, and headliners: THREE DAYS GRACE and SAVING ABEL.!!!!!!!! And to top off that awesome line up, one of our friends (we also met on our honeymoon) is coming up for tonight's festivities, and Carly from rock on the range! Tonight shall be GRANDE :)

Stay tuned my friends ;)

Friday, July 13, 2012

Common Ground Festival: Day 4

Ah, day 4...what a JAM PACKED day it was.

The headliner was Eric Church, and he brought the biggest crowd to Common Ground in the last 14 years!!!!!! And it was INSANE. I mean there was no walking room, no dancing room :(, and barely no breathing room. HOWEVER, he put on a GREAT great show!!! He really knows how to entertain the crowd, especially those twangers!!! :)

Our friend Karrie came out, with her friend Liz, and that was awesome. So glad they were able to join us for one of the days, they made it that much better <3. And the people around us turned out to be pretty fun too :)

Didn't take too many photos, and didn't get my close up (thanks to the 12,000 people), but I did manage to take a couple before my phone died:D


This dress was my moms in the 90s, real vintage ladies! (and in love with my new hat!)

Mare bear and the Care bear <3

Hello cutie, Mr Eric Church!

So far away!

Eh whatever, we made the best of it!!! :)

Thank you dude man, love your hand pose!!!!! :)

Another awesome concert to add to my list, tonights headliners:

The Wallflowers and Soul Asylum!!!

Stay tuned my friends :)