Monday, July 23, 2012

Colt -45 and Two Zig Zags

Well I didn't actually have a colt 45 and two zig zags, but I did get to hold my first big girl gun and did some pretty fun things this past weekend. 
Friday night I made dinner (mind you ...this never happens LOL) and it was pretty good..even turned it into some yummy leftovers on Sunday night. I think you could say I'm a pretty good wife;) After dinner we saw the Dark Knight Rises (which I enjoyed.....I just wish there was more ACTION) However, I love my BATMAN. My ultimate favorite comic book of all time! 
Saturday we ran some errands, saw a sweet hot air balloon, lounged and got to hold a big ole rifle. My second time holding a gun, my first time with a rifle. Now some may disagree, but I think shooting is a great stress reliever. I am not the hunting type of girl, just like to hit the bullseye...or wood blocks. We didn't shoot anything because it's the parents property not ours! :) Guess I'll have to wait til next time to actually shoot the big girl gun, but I felt cool holding it  :) 
Sunday Zach and our friend Josh just lounged around the in-laws pool and got a lil sun burn. Nothing wrong with being lazy on a Sunday :) 
Enjoy my know I love to share pictures! :) 

Beautiful, and so random :) 

Crazy wife in the kitcen :*
Moo cow

Watch out, I'm trained :) 
Pretty flower :) 

Lunch time, and beer thirty :) 

Hehe, that is Zach's feet you see sticking out, silly husband :) 

Yours truly :-)

I have one AMAZING outfit for tomorrows Tuesday Treasure, I can't wait to share it! 

Hasta manana amigos!

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