Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Common Ground Festival: Day 1

Ladies and gents, here is the first post dedicated to the, so far awesome, Common Ground music festival. It happens right here in Lansing, MI and I am so jealous they do not do anything like this in my good ole home state of South Carolina!
I mean a whole week of concerts with great headliners is a no brainer right? One would think, but apparently not the state of South Carolina (shame, shame):)
Well I have some awesome pictures to show all of you from our first night at the festival. Last night the main headliner was Bush, yes I mean GAVIN freakin ROSSDALE of Bush. I have always wanted to see them since I was about 10 yrs old and am SO GLAD I finally got to, because they ROCKED IT.

And ladies, you might get jealous because I was only 5 feet away from Mr Rossdale :)

Right when we got there, gotta show my outfit of course; )

My handsome hubby while waiting on Bush to come out

Look at those sweet eyes

Beers good :)

Hurry up!!!

AWE yah there here, so stoked!

Hello Mr Rossdale, come back! :)

Read em' weep, ladies. Gwen's a lucky lady! :)

Man they were awesome, great show!

Look at all the people :)

Hope y'all liked my photos, tonight is DAY 2. Stay tuned for tomorrows post:)

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