Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Common Ground Festival: Day 2

Dude, I LOVE COMMON GROUND MUSIC FESTIVAL (as if I haven't expressed my love for it enough ...after only two days)

I cannot believe how awesome it is, it just gets better each day!!!!!! :) Last night we saw headliners Joe Walsh and Foghat, unfortunately we didnt get to the other stage to see Candlebox, but o well :)

If you don't know either of the two bands we saw last night, you clearly live under a rock. Because they are old school (literally) and can still rock out decades later !! :)

Our good friend Josh came along last night, and part of his awesome family were there too.... more people always makes it better, don't ya know? :)

Here are last nights photos, enjoy!! :)

I forgot to get one Monday, so had to make sure I got on Tuesday :)

This girl is ready to party!

The gang last night, and an awesome one at that

The awesome, one and only...Aunt Peggy! :)

Your COOL lol

Hello JOE WALSH!!!!!

Three Amigos

Look at him SHRED, ah so awesome

I never stop moving when it comes to music people :)

AHHH! So tonight is DAY 3 and its SISTER freaking HAZEL (I feel the jealousy already :P) Oh and Kevin Kostner (but I just want a picture for my mom, could care less about his music:D)

Stay tuned my friends for tomorrows blog post

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