Friday, July 13, 2012

Common Ground Festival: Day 4

Ah, day 4...what a JAM PACKED day it was.

The headliner was Eric Church, and he brought the biggest crowd to Common Ground in the last 14 years!!!!!! And it was INSANE. I mean there was no walking room, no dancing room :(, and barely no breathing room. HOWEVER, he put on a GREAT great show!!! He really knows how to entertain the crowd, especially those twangers!!! :)

Our friend Karrie came out, with her friend Liz, and that was awesome. So glad they were able to join us for one of the days, they made it that much better <3. And the people around us turned out to be pretty fun too :)

Didn't take too many photos, and didn't get my close up (thanks to the 12,000 people), but I did manage to take a couple before my phone died:D


This dress was my moms in the 90s, real vintage ladies! (and in love with my new hat!)

Mare bear and the Care bear <3

Hello cutie, Mr Eric Church!

So far away!

Eh whatever, we made the best of it!!! :)

Thank you dude man, love your hand pose!!!!! :)

Another awesome concert to add to my list, tonights headliners:

The Wallflowers and Soul Asylum!!!

Stay tuned my friends :)

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