Saturday, July 14, 2012

Common Ground Festival: Day 5

This festival is going by so fast, and I don't like it one bit!!!! I am absolutely loving all the bands this year, and I can't believe its almost over! :(

But before we jump ahead, let me show you some fun we had on day 5, which the headliners were Soul Asylum and The Wallflowers!!!!

They both put on great shows, and I loved that there was WAY less people last night, than the night before...I just can't breathe with that many people! I like to be able to move around, my feet are for dancing at concerts, not just standing :) We happened to be right up front by the stage that comes out in the crowd, and met some pretty sweet ladies while up there. Unfortunately Jakob Dylan did not come out onto that part (figures we finally get right up front and the main singer doesn't come out: was a little disappointed :( ) However, Zach did manage to look down at his toes once and there it was: it was like a piece of gold: ONE OF ERIC CHURCHs pic's!!!!!!!!! Someone must have missed that last night! 


Our sun being all beautiful on our walk in ) 

For my ladies! Thanks to my MIL for the tube top, finally used it;) 

Me and the sugar

HOLY COW, Yah Zach found this the next day!!! #treasure

Some awesome girls, hope to see them tonight! :) 

The Wallflowers, great show! 

Haha, I love these random people who stick their hands up for photos

Mr Jakob Dylan, what a cool guy: and a great sense of humor :) 

Tonight is day 6, and headliners: THREE DAYS GRACE and SAVING ABEL.!!!!!!!! And to top off that awesome line up, one of our friends (we also met on our honeymoon) is coming up for tonight's festivities, and Carly from rock on the range! Tonight shall be GRANDE :)

Stay tuned my friends ;)

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