Sunday, July 15, 2012

Common Ground Festival: Day 6

Day 6 of Common Ground: wow, just WOW. I didn't think it could get any better, and boy was I wrong. Last night was the BEST SHOW I have EVER been to. And I 100% blame it on the weather!!!!! 

Last night's headliners were Saving Abel and Three Days Grace, and it was the best lineup ALL WEEK, and of all the concerts I have been to, TO DATE. Oh em freaking gee, I can't explain it you just had to have been there! 

Our friend Mike came up (whom we also met on our honeymoon cruise!) and that was just SWEET in general! And it RAINED the entire time, from the start of Saving Abel until we left after Three Days Grace. And I have never been to a concert in the rain, just before or after the rain...and it was beyond awesome. Seeing a live ROCKIN' show in the rain, should be on everyone's bucket list!!! I wish I could have pictures of the awesome rain pouring down on us as we rock out to Saving Abel and Three Days Grace, but I don't have that great of a camera; but what I did capture is pretty sweet. I hope you all enjoy the photos, but it definitely doesn't do the shows justice. Simply amazing. 


This girl is ready to rock!!!!!!! :) :) 

There 5 minutes, and down comes the rain! Rock on!!! : ) 

Saving Abel, put on one hell of a show!!!!!

Thank you Mike for coming dude, is was SWEET!!! :) 

cheers to the freakin rain!!!!!

And the awesome, Three Days Grace, friggin AMAZING

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  1. it seems u had lots of fun!!!


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