Sunday, July 8, 2012

Good Times Keep on Rollin. . .

Now you all know I just LOVE taking photos, so before I go on a posting frenzy this week, due to Common Ground Music Festival, I wanted to share some of the weekend fun I had. :) 

It was a nice long weekend, so Zach and I spent it with each other, and friends :) And of course I documented for all of you to see! I hope everyone had a great weekend as well:)

All I see is Pac-man, thanks Bill Knapps :) 

Great summer beer! :) 

Our friends' new kitty, Jasper.  Isn't he the cutest? (He knows it though!)

Millions of peaches, peaches for me :) yummy

Sorry vegans, look away, scrumdeliumptious

Good friends, good times, great Saturday :) 

We invented a new game everyone, Floating Ladderball :) 

Yours truly :) Cowabunga dude!

Unfortunately its back to real world tomorrow. . .thankfully I have LIVE music to look forward to every day this week, so stay tuned for music/outfit posts, there will be a lot :) 

What are YOU looking forward to for the week ahead?

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