Monday, July 2, 2012

TICE Wedding...Part One

Well the weekend was EPIC, as I imagined it would be. I finally got to see my bestie, and her crazy awesome mom (who I haven't seen since college). It was only for a few hours, but it was well worth every second. I love her so much and so glad to see her HAPPY (Charles if you're reading this...THANK YOU for making her smile every day :)).

Now onto the wedding.... I don't understand how we have been living without these people in our lives. Every single one of them were simply amazing in their OWN unique, fun, and corky ways. I think that may be why Zach and I fit in perfectly with them!

It is beyond crazy how WELL we meshed with this group of people, it is like we were supposed to be apart of it our whole lives, not only are Scotty and Jenna our soulmate couple, but I think we can safely say we have now have a 'soulmate group'. This may offend some, but we have NEVER felt so welcomed and loved by so many strangers. It seems our soulmate couple has been raving about us since cruise to everyone they know, I kind of felt like a mini celebrity. We'd get the "OHHHH YOUR those people, we have heard so many awesome things of you.." It was so genuine, so sweet, and just REAL.

I say this, because Zach and I are not your typical couple. We have personalities, we like to do things and say things randomly, and most importantly we like to have a dang good time. That is just how we roll, and that is how the TICE wedding rolled. It was the most fun I have had since my cousin's wedding last year, and our wedding before that.
Weddings are supposed to be fun, memorable, and drama free. And it was that and everything more. The food, the dancing, the music, the place (like a castle), and most of all...THE PEOPLE. Zach and I fell in love with everyone...and I mean everyone. Not a soul in the place who didn't have a smile on their face. Now that's what I call a GOOD TIME.
The wedding was held at the Skytop Lodge in Mount Pocono, PA...and it was IMMACULATE. No lie, it looked like a castle...just beauitful. They had the rehearsal dinner at one of their cottages overlooking the lake/pond, and it was just dandy. The pictures for today's post are just from Friday at the will just have to wait for the actual wedding photos (but not long...probably tomorrow LOL)
We did a little photo session while waiting on everyone, and I encountered my first live deer, then it was dinner and jammin' by the campfire. Pure BLISS :)

Shirt: Thrifted, Shoes: Steve Madden, Skirt/Necklace: Forever 21, Hair: Au Naturale

My new friend :)

Awe...(it was all Zachs fault he started walking up with the camera)

Good people, good times

Me and the blushing bride :)
Hubs strummin on the guitar for the bridal party :)
The love birds, enjoying some tunes ;)
Awesome awesome bridal party, loving the tunes

Needless to say, Friday night was pretty epic....can you imagine the actual wedding? :)

Stay tuned, for Part 2: THE Tice Wedding

~Happy Monday~

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