Tuesday, July 3, 2012

THE Tice Wedding...Part Two

Well as I promised I would share the pictures I took from the past weekend at the most awesome wedding. Our friends friends' and family couldn't have been a better crowd. We all danced, drank, smoked cigars, and then some. It was SO MUCH FUN. :)
A fare warning, there are LOTS of pictures, and I am going to share the best ones...which means this post will be quite long, probably like yesterdays...but with more pictures :)

Here's a crap load of entertaining photos, ENJOY!

So excited on the way, I just had to take one :)
The Skytop Lodge in Mount Pocono, PA...isn't it huge?

Me and the sugar :)

How cute is this picture, I love he way he looks at her <3

They never stop smiling, and I love it

Beautiful, and so sweet :)


Cute hydrangea bals :)

Thanks to Diane and Paul for this, except we forgot to take a picture of them!

Long shot for my ladies, gotta show off the shoes ;)
I love when people make their own stuff :)
Yummy cake, and the beauitful bouquets

Get the party started why don't ya? :)

Well Jenna looks great, I don't know whats up with my smile and Trex arm, lol

First dance, to a fast song of course :)

The hubs, the groom, his sister, and moves like Jagger behind (aka Mick)

I like to boogie, what can I say? :)

His new buds, Joe and Roger :)

If you're not dancing, then you're not living :)

Haha, KISS?


Haha, typical Jenna and Scotty :)

It's not a wedding without a good dip

Haha, LOVE IT .
Best. Picture. Ever.

Oh my gah, the last picture is totally something Mr and Mrs Tice would do...I freaking love it! As you can see, we like to have a good time. And thats not even half of the photos, I love taking pictures. I just love it, one day I would like to be able to purchase a nice camera, but for now its all from the digi (what I call the camera that has survived drops, and many drops of water :/)

Hope everyone is having a good week! And HAPPY AMERICA, tomorrow..but eh why not all week? I may post, I may not, we'll see what the stars have in store.:)

PS-My husband got an A on his first EMT final, woot woot! Proud wife right here! :)


  1. Looks like so much fun! I love the one of you & your husband kissing! :)

  2. Nice photos



Thanks for the support ! :) Peace and Love! :)