Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tuesday's Treasure

All be darn it's Tuesday again! :) And I have yet another treasure show to share with you all ...again :) I told you this was a recurring thing, did ya think I was jokin' around? Hehe, well I wasn't too consistent with my posts last year, so I am trying much harder this year...and really liking this treasure thing :) !

This post has FOUR treasures!!! I can't believe my eyes, I am absolutely in love again...with this ENTIRE outfit. And I am still flabbergasted that it costs as much as does for you Starbuckers to get have two/three specialty coffees. Yeah, that's right..I'm calling you out. Those drinks aren't cheap, and you may get a gold star every time you buy one, but you sure as hell can't drink it again after its gone. :) Mind you I get a Biggby from time to time, but its usually on days I go thrift (treat myself!)

Every person should be a thrifter. I really can't justify spending $15 on a shirt, $30 on a skirt,$10 on a belt, and $25 on a purse. Maybe you high class rollers can feel at ease spending THAT much, but us regular people would rather use that extra money elsewhere :) I'm not cheap, I'm rational..and know how to dig :)  
So in total = that is $80 for an outfit. And the outfit I'm sharing today is just those four things, but WAY below $80. 

Here's to my $9 outift. :) 

All from the Goodwill 
Halter Top: Lei, $1.99
Maxi Skirt: Thin Air, $2.99
Braided Belt: Unknown, $.99
Straw Clutch: Merona, $2.99 (previously thrifted long, long ago but never shared)

Come on people, ladies especially, get your thrift on...you're missing out! 


  1. Love it!! I was sitting there waiting on your post! haha

    I love the color of that skirt, and that belt was a great find. Nice clutch, too!

  2. LOVELY!!!!


  3. i just need your skirt in my closet!!! stunning, girl.

  4. oh, you are so sweet!!! i'll follow you back right now =)


  5. Hello!!!! :)
    Nice blog and amazing look!!!
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  6. Your skirt is gorgeous! I love that color on you.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  7. Oh my goodness I am obsessed with this outfit! What great finds for $9! This outfit is stunning on you. Just stumbled across your blog and I seriously adore your style! Follow each other? xx


Thanks for the support ! :) Peace and Love! :)