Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tuesday's Treasure

And its Tuesday once again my friends. So sorry for no blog posts in between! Zach and I are super busy with a few things going on, but hopefully it will all slow down after Labor Day weekend (hopefully :)). 

Anyways, I do have a cute treasure for you all today. I think its just adorable...and SO COMFY. I mean I wanna wear it as a nighty its so comfy :) I am feeling like a 90s child with this particular outfit, but that could be because I AM a child of the 90s. I actually GREW UP in the 90s, I wasn't born in the 90s. The 90s is just one of my favorite era's when it comes to fashion. They just took it to a whole new extreme, and I still love to rock it. My hair is even straight....and that NEVER happens :) 

Hope you enjoy it too!

Dress: The Goodwill, All That Jazz, $3.99

Another steal and awesome maxi dress to add to my collection!
Hope everyone is having a great week, and that it continues to be great! 

PS---Can you believe tomorrow is AUGUST! I can't, time is in speed of light mode for me, what about you?


  1. Cute! I love your new header, too!

  2. Mary, did I ever tell you how much I love you and your blog?! It's so positive and full of great energy! Love ya girl!

  3. beautiful dress and love the combo with the vest.

  4. Love this look, so cool!
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  5. such a pretty maxi!! love your style, lovely! xx

  6. Cute!!! love your dress ! keep up the good work!!! xxx


Thanks for the support ! :) Peace and Love! :)