Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tuesday's Treasure

Hello friends!!! I want to apologize for not posting a treasure last week, like I promised in the last post. No excuses, except life is SO busy right now! Our business should end after this weekend, but we'll see, it never ends right? :)
Today's treasure is a one piece goody. I bought it while down south for school back in 2008, in a store called Gili in Myrtle Beach, SC. It always had the best selection of maxi dresses, even during a time when they weren't as popular. I made sure to stock up on them, and today's treasure is just one of the many I have from this awesome store. Unfortunately, there is no Gili up here in Michigan, so I must make it a point to go there when we visit the beach! Its a great store with great prices. Now this isn't like all my other treasures, but a great maxi dress for under $30 bucks is a steal! :) :)
And you can thank my handsome husband for the photos (as always), I just couldn't stop looking at him rather than the actual camera :D What can I say, he's a doll face: that's why I married him, well mostly :)

Maxi Dress: Gili, $24.99
This weekend we are going to South Carolina for one of my dearest friends' wedding on Sunday. Get to go back to southern roots, celebrate love, and my birthday is on Monday! woot woot!
Happy Tuesday!

Monday, August 20, 2012

The Green Room

Hello friends! Hope you're doing wonderful on this fine Monday, not doing too shabby on this end :) I have something fun to share with you all today! No its not a treasure, nor an outfit or an amazing wedding; it is a DIY project I have been wanting to do, and I finally did it :) 

Zach and I moved into a cute little vintage home a couple weeks ago (just a rental) and we couldn't be more happy in it! It is SO much better than the apartment we were in, and SO much more homey! I just love it. I also love it because the second bedroom is too small to be a bedroom, but the washer and dryer is in the room...so what better not than to make it my own personal closet. Technically a "walk in closet"..but more of a walk in closet ROOM. That's right, a whole room dedicated to my apparel and accessories. What girl DOESN'T love a big closet? :) 

I decided to paint this room, with something bright and fun. Something that fits my personality, and something fresh to go with the times ;) I chose a fabulous shade of green called 'Monet's Garden' and decided to do the infamous "chevron" accent wall. It turned out AMAZING. Definitely better than I thought it would be, considering I didn't use a ruler, nor a leveler :) 

The chevron wall was a bit of a P.I.A., however it was well worth it! I'm going to share the photos with you and I sure do hope this gives you inspiration. Inspiration that it CAN be done, and you don't HAVE to measure (unless you have OCD, then definitely measure). 

Here's the final product: 

And here's how it began, the taping was the PIA :) 

Hubby helping :) 

all you need is ONE... one wall :) 
And here is the end result :)

That standing mirror, used to be a wall mirror :) 

My lovely jewelry displays :)

Hope you enjoyed the green room! I was inspired by other's blogs to do this, I just happened to do it a little bit different than everyone else (ya know, by not measuring LOL) Hehe, can't wait for more painting...believe it or not I actually enjoyed it! The end result makes me smile..a lot :)

Tomorrow will be a lovely treasure, now that I  have a huge closet to help me choose a great one (I haven't been thriting in a while, so tomorrows outfit won't be a new purchase, but it will still be  from a thrifted store: but of course) !

Happy Monday! :) 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tuesday's Treasure

Oops, I did it again. I went a long time without a post,even skipped a Tuesday! So sorry friends, there has been so much going on!!!! The plus side is we are in a new place, and its an adorable vintage home. I can't wait to share some photos with you all when we get it all unpacked and painted! :) It is just too darn cute!!!

Speaking of cute, today's treasure is just THAT. Its another whole outfit, not as inexpensive as the last outfit I shared, but still under $30:). I think its cute, comfy, and fun. Its got stripes, its got f-ucks (fake chuck's), and that one staple every girl must have this year: the high low hem. Ya can't go wrong with those  descriptions right? Right. :) 

And excuse my attempt at blowing a bubble out of my gum, I  failed miserably but decided to share my failure with you :) 


Silly is actually my normal side :) 

Shirt: The Goodwill, Harber Dashery, $2.99
High Low Skirt: Forever 21, $11.00
Cross Over Purse: The Goodwill, Unknown, $1.99
F-ucks: Meijer, Hop Scotch, $10.99

This time around I included shoes, thus the reason for the higher outfit price. However, I don't care about name  brands, so I'll take a fake pare of chucks for 11 bucks any day:)

Hope everyone is having a great week!!! Catch ya laterrrr