Monday, October 15, 2012


Ladies and gents, Zach and I have joined the dog lover community...but we are still cat lovers, and always will be. Basically we would like a farm of animals by the time we're 60, but hey let's not jump the gun just yet ;)
We had to make a tough decision, and that was to put our cat, Cisco down :( It was the hardest thing we have ever had to do, esp for the hubs (Cisco was literally his BEST FRIEND- and the world's greatest cat) He will forever be rememberd, and never forgotten. It's unfortunate it happened to literally the best CAT ever, but life throws curveballs your way and you somehow have to deal with them. The crazy part is what happened after we put him down. My husband was so distraught that I wanted to cheer him up somehow, and I  knew that seeing live happy animals would do the trick. Well, we made our way to the humane society, checked out the cats (meeh) and then checked out the dogs outsides...5 minutes later we were in love. We met our Lola and instantly had a connection with her. She has the same markings as Cisco, very calm and friendly like Cisco too. It was uncanny, but we knew there was a connection for a reason.
So what did we do? We signed up immediately to adopt her because in a way it was Cisco telling us to, and I just want to see my husband happy :) A week and half later she was all ours!!! It couldnt' have worked out more perfectly, and are so thankful to have found such a great pet----a great tamed puppy at that.
She is a lab/hound mix and is THE sweetest pup I have ever met (and also the quietest). We love her so much and feel very lucky to call her ours.
Everyone meet Lola Vandecar :)


Sweetest.Dog. Ever.
Stay tuned for tomorrow's Tuesday Treasure...its got some spice to it ;)

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  1. Lola is so cute! my dogs name is Lola too :) have fun!!!


Thanks for the support ! :) Peace and Love! :)