Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tuesday's Treasure

It's that time again my friends, time for me to share my treasures. I call them my Tuesday's Treasure's because it was a catchy phrase I came up with and they ARE treasures. They are clothing/accessory  finds that will not break your bank, or bottom out your pocket. I think it is necessary to share things like this to the world, because so many people are spending hundreds of dollars on just one outfit, when there is a whole slew of clothing items just waiting to be found (and way under a hundred bucks!).
Treasure's aren't always thrift finds, or used clothing..sometimes they are brand new items but I consider them treasure's because of their price tags and their uniqueness. Sometimes they are gifts given...aka hand me downs. :) Today's treasure is pretty much that. The top was given to me by my co workers bestie, Kim. She was rumaging through clothes to give to the Goodwill and thought of me when she came across this particular top. And I for one am very greatful! It is SO ME, and I love it! Thank you so much Lisa and Kim for adding to my treasure collection :)

Enjoy this weeks post y'all :) I sure do

The Doors Sequin Top: Hand me down, FREE ;)
Black Pinstriped Maxi Skirt: The Goodwill, Tapemeasure, $3.69
Happy Tuesday! :)


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  1. love that skirt, especially paired with a simple tee!



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