Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tuesday's Treasure

I hope everyone is enjoying their week! I cannot believe the first of the holidays is already coming up in a week! None other than Halloween, one of my favorites (well every season and holiday is my favorite :D) However this year has been different, haven't even figured out our costume ideas, which is soooo not me. I am normally on top of it when it comes to decorations, costumes, food.. but have not gotten in the mode yet :| Well time to stop dinkin' around and get my holiday cheer on :) Hopefully have a post dedicated to Halloween, if I do you'll know I'm back in the mode.
This week's treasure is an oldie, but a goldie :) It's a GREAT staple, otherwise known as a piece you can dress up or down and wear it all the time if ya want :) That treasure is the lovely sweater dress. I was so happy when these started trending years ago because they are comfy, cute, and WARM (most importantly)
I got this particular dress at the most awesome store ever: Ross. Unfortunately the Ross industry has not made it to the mitten, but when they do I will be all over it :). In comparison its like a TJ Maxx or Marshall's, but all in all its WAY better. Their prices decrease each week if the item is not bought, and over a period of time you can literally get a brand new dress (possibly name brand if you're lucky) for $.50. Yes, that's right I said FIFTY CENTS. I know, too good to be true...oh but it is and thus the reason why I miss it SO much. I have become more of a thrifter because of the no Ross problem up here ;)
In addition, I am wearing some pretty amazing boots my mother-in-law gave me (can't beat free ;))They were pretty much brand new when she gave them to me, and they have totally grown on me. Their suede and brown leather, can't go wrong with that ..esp up here in the frigid mitten! :) And my kitty necklace of course ;)
Hope you enjoy this week's treasure! :)


Brown Sweater Dress: Ross, Live-On, $7.99
Tan Suede Boots: Aerosoles, FREE (Thanks Penni!)
Kitty Necklace: Plato's Closet, Unknown, $1.99

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