Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Yoga Ramblings: Crossfit or Yoga?

Well normally I would be super stoked about tonight's yoga, but I have come down with a cold coupled with an awful I have to miss community yoga tonight so I can nip this cold in the butt! Don't want to be that girl who is coughing up a lung in the middle of flow through, so I'm staying in tonight (pretty sad about it because I just LOVE community yoga) But gotta get healthy right?  Right :)
On other notes, this weeks ramblings we are going to compare and contrast the infamous Crossfit with Yoga. There is much to compare and contrast when it comes to these two work out regimes, but I am just going to go over MY personal opinion and share some pertinent information. 

Crossfit is a core strength and conditioning program. It has been used by Olympic athletes but has become a huge hype here in America, and probably other countries as well. I have found a decent explanation from Wikipedia:
 "CrossFit describes its strength and conditioning program as “constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement," with the stated goal of improving fitness (and therefore general physical preparedness which it defines as "work capacity across broad time and modal domains."[ Workouts are typically short—20 minutes or less—and intense, demanding all-out physical exertion. They combine movements such as sprinting, rowing, jumping, climbing rope, flipping tires, weightlifting, carrying heavy objects, and many kettly bell and medicine ball exercises,  and boxes for box jump These elements are mixed in numerous combinations to form prescribed "Workouts of the Day" or "WODs". Hour-long classes at affiliated gyms, or "boxes," typically include a warm-up, a skill development segment, the high-intensity WOD, and a period of individual or group stretching. Performance on each WOD is often scored and/or ranked to encourage competition and to track individual progress. Some affiliates offer additional classes, such as Olympic weightlifting, which are not centered around a WOD"

So do you understand now? Egh, probably about as much as I did after I read it. Here are some layman's terms for you: Crossfit is a competitive workout against yourself and others in your gym. There is a board and you get your name up on the board when you reach a certain goal. If you like a competitive work out regime, then Crossfit is DEFINITELY for you. If you like being able to show off and brag about your goals, then Crossfit is DEFINITELY for you. If you want a high intense quick workout, then go with Crossfit. But please know that not every Crossfit Box has professionally trained coaches. And what I mean is that the hype is growing so fast with Crossfit that people are devising their own crossfit gyms and letting people come in to join the fun without correct certification. This could result in serious problems, including injuries, that may not be reversible. So please check your sources before joining a gym, please!

Current Crossfitters, you should definitely include yoga in your routine. And I'm not saying once a week to your 5/week crossfit. I'm talking about everytime you crossfit, you should practice yoga too. It is very beneficial to ALL workout regimes, especially Crossfit. They compliment each other very well and will help to ensue the "PRs" you are reaching for. Not only will it increase your stamina, it will increase your flexibility, which in turn will further your Crossfit goals.

Go to this chic's blog for her Yoga/Crossfit Regime 

Personally, I have no desire to do Crossfit because I don't want to bulk up and those who say you won't are lying. Every person's body is different, true, but when you are strictly doing weight training then you will see results... in the form of ripped muscle. Call me old fashioned, but I don't find it attractive on women, and neither does my husband; therefore, Crossfit is NOT for me. But it may be for YOU if that is the look you are going for. I think it is fantastic for men because they aren't supposed to be soft and feminine. Again, my personal opinion, so don't repremand me for it ..puhlease :) This world wouldn't be so diverse if we all had the same opinion, now would it? :)

So are you a Crossfitter, a Yogi, or somewhere in between?
I'm definitely a yogi, I like having no competition with myself or others. I like knowing that just sitting is Yoga. But hey....that's ME! But whatever you are, kudos to YOU for doing something. In reality, that is the most important thing, to keep yourself moving and a positive outlook!  :)

~Happy Ramblings~

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Got Peace?

It may be hard for some to answer the question, but do ya got peace? It is something we should all have, it's just a matter of utilizing it to the best of our advantage. Everyone is capable of having peace, but the process of letting go of all the worries in the world to obtain peace can be difficult, but only if you make it :). Now I am not one to preach because I am one of those worriers and it is hard for me to obtain peace, but I try to do it, and so can you! :)

I have reached out for some inspirational quotes and I also have an amazing video for you to watch/listen to as well. My husband's married in uncle is an amazing musician and I was finally able to hear his music last week when they were down. He not only writes his own music, sings his own tunes, but plays multiple instruments all at the same time! It was so awesome to be able to hear, first hand, this man's amazing talent! I am still in awe of how incredible he is, so OF COURSE, I must share with my family and friends! 

The song I am sharing is one of his new original songs called "Got Peace?", hence the blog title. :) Instantly I was in love with it, with just hearing the name of the song. Then I heard the song, and loved it even more! It has a great bluesy/folk sound to it, and the lyrics are divine! I have uploaded the video to my You Tube channel, and linked it below for you to watch ...please please PLEASE listen, you will not be disappointed (unless you don't got peace, then you would probably dislike it)

Ken Koshio's "Got Peace?"

(excuse my phone for its ...not so recording qualities :))

Ken, thank you for sharing your amazing talent with us! Now where is that album? :) 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Yoga Ramblings: The 5 Principles

Hello all! Happy happy hump day! I am pretty excited today because on Wednesday's it is free community yoga at Just B Yoga, so I get super stoked on this day every week because I just LOVE going to this class.  Anyone in the local Lansing area should definitely check them out, because it is totally worth it! :) The instructor(s) and the flow through's have been amazing so far, so they can only get better is how I see it.  If not here in Lansing, check your local studio's for a free or $5 class, most offer these types of classes :)
This week I am going to go over the 5 principles of yoga. They are the basis for attaining a healthy body and mind through the practice of yoga. I will go into a brief description for each, but would love for you to take them home and apply them to your daily routine. Learning the principles and really grasping them will help your practice immensely and also help you understand yourself better :)
The 5 Principles of Yoga
 Proper Relaxation
By releasing the tension in the muscles and putting your whole body at rest, it rejuvenates your nervous system and helps acheive inner peace; which will make you more relaxed and comfortable with your body.  The feeling of relaxation when applied to your daily routine will help you conserve energy and let go of all the worries in the world. :)
Proper Exercise
Our physical body is meant to move and exercise. It is what are bodies are equipped for and proper exercise (in this case) is achieved through yoga postures or Asana (systematically working the whole body by stretching & toning the muscles, and improving blood flow) Asanas are designed to help regulate all functions of the body (mental and physical) . They will give you more strength, increased energy, and revitalate various systems of the body. Proper exercise goes along with proper breathing (next principle) and each movement should be guided by that breath. Once you become more comfortable with your movement and breath they will feel like one in the same. Asana is really beneficial to the mind, body, and soul. :)
Proper Breathing
Proper breathing is very important when practicing yoga, or any exercise routine. Breathing with a consistent rhythm and at full capacity will not only increase your oxygen intake, but keep your mind centered and focused. A proper breath should be deep, slow, and rhythmical. You can achieve this by regulating the length and duration of your inhaltion, exhaltion, and the retention of air in your lungs.  Also known as pranayama, proper breath technique helps to recharge your body and mental state. :)
(Check out you tube for some video tutorials)

Proper Diet
Diet, a terrible word that no one likes to hear, but it just means altering your food intake to better your health. I am NOT one to preach on this, so I have found some inspiration elsewhere. I love food a LOT, and cannot give up certain food items just so I can have a 6 pack. But if you want to achieve a "goal body" then definitely change your eating habits, because its not just the yoga to keep you fit, its what you are eating that contributes most to weightloss.
"What you eat extremely affects your mind. Improper diet results to mental inefficiency and blocks spiritual awareness. Proper Diet is one that nourishes both mind and body. It should be well balanced and based on natural foods. Proper Diet in Yoga also means eating in moderation and eating only when you are hungry. We sometimes tend to eat when we are upset, using food to fill the gap or the emptiness that we feel. Bad eating habits will cause our senses to be dull that we won't even notice how much we eat or how it tastes and may result to diet related ailments like Obesity and Diabetes. Food should sustain our body. It should keep the body light and supple, the mind calm, and it should also help in keeping a strong immune system."
Positive Thinking and Meditation
The way we think highly affects our way of life. Practice keeping a positive outlook in life,  and it will help facilitate having peace of mind.   It helps you remove negative thoughts and puts your mind under perfect control. Meditate to calm your mind, let go of anything and everything sitting on your shoulders and just listen to your breath. Find the balance you are looking for and apply that to your daily routine. One of my college buddies always said "positive thinking leads to positive outcomes" and she IS right. (thanks Holl)
Apply these principles to your yoga routine and your daily life and I promise you will become more alert, aware, and HAPPY.
~Happy Ramblings!~

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tuesday's Treasure

Hello friends! Its Tuesday! Time for me to share my treasure's with you all! This week is especially special because the entire outfit is made up of gifts, hand me downs, or from a shopping outing at work (that was all out of his its like a gift:) ) And you MUST know that it is 4 degrees out...yes I repeat: single digit,  all by its lonesome self, degree. So I froze my arse off just for you all,and a thank you to Michigan because today you finally felt like a real "Michigan winter". :) Now onto the clothes....
I love this outfit because its fun, cute and has a little bit of everything. And as you all know, I love hats, they are my favorite accessory and I may have an addiction to them. So of course this week I had to include one of my new hats. This particular hat has quickly become one of my favorites (but lets be real, they're all my favorite). It is great for winter because of it's soft wool texture and darker blue hue. J'adore it, and hope you do too. Bust out your plaid shirt girls and wear em' proud :)


(no prices since they were gifts/hand me downs)
Blue Wool Fedora: Forever 21
Taupe Jacket: Arizona Jeans
Plaid Button Up: Younkers
Ripped Skinny Jeans: Almost Famous
Taupe Combat Boots: Madden Girl
Stay tuned for tomorrow's new Yoga Ramblings :) 

Saturday, January 19, 2013


Rise and shine on this lovely Saturday morning! How is everyone doing? I'm feeling great today and all that ness, and I hope the same goes for you all! Lets appreciate this beautiful earth and all it's glory! Woke up to a beautiful sunrise this morning! Got up and am now at the coffee shop blogging and listening to some sweet, sweet tunes.

Just wanted to share a few artists that have been rocking my iTunes, and my Pandora. I'm really into music as you all know, but lately I've been on an indie rock/folk kick. It makes me feel happy listening to it, makes my mind forget all the non sense going on in the world. It stops me in my tracks of worry world, like yoga, so it too is important for the mind..body..and soul as well. :) A world without music would be BLEH, and non enjoyable. So get out your downloaders and check out these amazing musicians, because they are worth listening to! Take a drive, get in the shower, or simply sit there and appreciate all of what these artists have to offer, because I feel they are STELLAR. :)

Melanie Martinez
New and upcoming artist who was a contestant on The Voice. She has an indie sound that is so genuine, it melts my heart. She just signed with Adam Levine's record company and is coming out with her first album, EP style. She's the cutest thing ever who writes all her music, plays almost every instrument, and has great style. Zach and I really enjoy her and cannot wait for her own tunes to come out. Her Voice songs are available for downloads and every single one of them is worth the $1.29 :) Please check her out, even if its just to preview her beautiful voice! :)

The Lumineers
From Colorado, and tearing up the radio stations with their cool acoustic style. Ah I mean can we all say that we LOVE them! I mean really, how does one not? They are Cool in the sense of indie, of retro, of awesome, of happy, of energized, ofcatchy, ....of ...yes I could go on. :) I adore them and have become a bit obsessed with them. They are what I'm loving of this 'new age' era, they make me jump for joy! Definitely worth listening to ALL their songs. Definitely a sound to uplift your soul and make you appreciate the world around you. :)

The Head & the Heart
 Seattle based band with a fabulous indie folk sound. First introduced with their song "Lost in my Mind" and I heard it and instantly loved it. It came on the radio as I was driving through the country, it was dusk, and it was THE perfect sound for that moment. Their sound reminds me of South Carolina for some reason but I can't seem to pin point why. Another indie beatlesque band to check out, if you haven't already ;)
Imagine Dragons
Las Vegas based band with a great uppity rock beat. Their sound has a bit of techno in it, but then they throw in some indie sound and together it sounds awesome. They are a fun band to listen, get you pumped up for an event, or just boost your mood. Zach and I did an acoustic version of their song "Radioactive" and it sounded so cool. Kudos to them for coming up with such an amazing song. Check them out, they are worth it! :)
Do you have any musicians to suggest? I love all kinds of music, so please help yourself to introduce me to new sound, I will be greatly appreciative. :)
Happy Saturday!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Yoga Ramblings: Beginnings

I am really excited to add a weekly post for you all! I have had quite a few people approach me about getting started with yoga and what would be the best way for them to begin, so I feel these posts are going to be really helpful :) Beginning with how I got into it and how its helped change my life in so many, many ways.
In 2006 I began practicing yoga using Namaste Yoga by Kate Potter (it used to come on Fit TV every day, but they cancelled that station so now its on DVD for purchase). It is, IMO, the best yoga dvd out there. I tried others and they didnt give me the same effect (and affect) that Namaste Yoga did. There are three seasons in this DVD collection and what they entail is amazing! Kate Potter is the narrator herself and there are about 6 or 7 different instructors practicing the flow throughs. Each episode is a different flow through and is about 30 minutes long--each have a warm up, flow through sequence, and a cool down.  Kate has a very soft voice and walks you through the sequence, and each instructor has a different body type; so it allows you to see everyone moves at a different pace and has different levels of flexibility. It also has beautiful backgrounds, soothing music, and yoga quotes at the end of each episode.

I absolutely loved it and practiced every day for about 30 minutes. I lost weight, but for me it became more of centering my mind and letting things go. I am a HUGE worry worm, and yoga has helped calm that part of me...way down! I am still a worrier, but the more I practice yoga...the less I worry. So from my experience, yoga is important and should be included in your daily tasks. You can practice anywhere, at any time, with absolutely no time restraints.

Yoga has SO many benefits, they are almost endless. It is not about sticking the pose and going all out, instead it is to help you focus and align your whole world. It increases your energy level and stamina. It opens your mind to a plethora of possibilies that you never thought you could do, or even imagine doing. It ups your :::uhm uhm:::: sex life AND your ability to perform ;) Yoga is about the practice, not the competition. There is no max or min to your practice, YOU do what works best for your soul, body, and mind. If you fall, THATS AWESOME, falling is part of the practice. If you find yourself out of breath, come back to standing 'mountain" pose, and find your breath. You want to be sure you have a consistent steady breath to achieve the peace your looking for. There is boundless potential in each and every one of us, it is just a matter of finding the potential and utilizing it. Energy is all around us, just find some..and SMILE :)

Below on the left was my goal from a year ago, on the right is me a few weeks ago; see it is possible to reach your goals, but don't forget that time is of no essence, so don't beat yourself up if you don't reach your goal in a "timely matter" because all that matters is you are practicing to better yourself and the world around us:)

Happy Ramblings!!! :)

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tuesday's Treasure

Hello everyone! Hope you're doing well on this fine Tuesday, I know I am doing pretty well. Doing pretty well because I am really sticking to my goals/resolutions..that to BE happy AND don't worry. I am waking up more alert and energized, and not dreading the day so much either. ;)
 Besides the fact, I have an entire outfit full of treasures for you all today! One thing that is SO in style right now is leather, real or faux, and I just couldnt resist this sweet skirt at the thrift store! Its a great touch to make your outfit more edgy, even if you are the girliest of the girl out there ;) I paired the skirt with a light beige sweater with an added touch of girliness ;) I also wanted to add some color, so I paired it with teal sweater tights (unfortunately the lighting was not too great, so it is hard to see..but I swear its teal). Then last but no least, I am wearing black booties to give me some height to my short statue :)

And sorry for the terrible lighting, I place full blame on day light savings time :)


Beige Bow Sweater: Volunteers of America, The Gap, $2.99
Black Leather Skirt: Volunteers of America, Wilson's Leather, $3.99
Teal Sweater Tights: Forever 21, $2.99
Black Booties: The Goodwill, Target, $4.99
Stay tuned this week for the first of many to come: Yoga Ramblings. It will be posts dedicated to the practivc of yoga, its meaning and all its glory. Also will be sharing tips and advice on getting into yoga. :)

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Long time, No see

I'm baaaaack :)

HAPPY happy new year everyone! Got many new goals and many resolutions for this year that I'm beyond excited about! Especially the new posts to come,  dedicated to yoga and all its meaning :)

Hope you all have many things to look forward to this year! Although I'm learning as I deepen my yoga practice, to worry less about what's to come and live more in the now, so lets all do that more and excite ourselves for the NOW  ;)