Sunday, January 27, 2013

Got Peace?

It may be hard for some to answer the question, but do ya got peace? It is something we should all have, it's just a matter of utilizing it to the best of our advantage. Everyone is capable of having peace, but the process of letting go of all the worries in the world to obtain peace can be difficult, but only if you make it :). Now I am not one to preach because I am one of those worriers and it is hard for me to obtain peace, but I try to do it, and so can you! :)

I have reached out for some inspirational quotes and I also have an amazing video for you to watch/listen to as well. My husband's married in uncle is an amazing musician and I was finally able to hear his music last week when they were down. He not only writes his own music, sings his own tunes, but plays multiple instruments all at the same time! It was so awesome to be able to hear, first hand, this man's amazing talent! I am still in awe of how incredible he is, so OF COURSE, I must share with my family and friends! 

The song I am sharing is one of his new original songs called "Got Peace?", hence the blog title. :) Instantly I was in love with it, with just hearing the name of the song. Then I heard the song, and loved it even more! It has a great bluesy/folk sound to it, and the lyrics are divine! I have uploaded the video to my You Tube channel, and linked it below for you to watch ...please please PLEASE listen, you will not be disappointed (unless you don't got peace, then you would probably dislike it)

Ken Koshio's "Got Peace?"

(excuse my phone for its ...not so recording qualities :))

Ken, thank you for sharing your amazing talent with us! Now where is that album? :) 


  1. Wow! This is such an awesome song! It reminds me of Tom Petty (whom I LOVE!)! Plus, I am always working on creating inner peace!
    Love it!

  2. very cool!! I'm a musician, lover of the arts...but playing all that at the same time is AMAZING!


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