Saturday, January 19, 2013


Rise and shine on this lovely Saturday morning! How is everyone doing? I'm feeling great today and all that ness, and I hope the same goes for you all! Lets appreciate this beautiful earth and all it's glory! Woke up to a beautiful sunrise this morning! Got up and am now at the coffee shop blogging and listening to some sweet, sweet tunes.

Just wanted to share a few artists that have been rocking my iTunes, and my Pandora. I'm really into music as you all know, but lately I've been on an indie rock/folk kick. It makes me feel happy listening to it, makes my mind forget all the non sense going on in the world. It stops me in my tracks of worry world, like yoga, so it too is important for the mind..body..and soul as well. :) A world without music would be BLEH, and non enjoyable. So get out your downloaders and check out these amazing musicians, because they are worth listening to! Take a drive, get in the shower, or simply sit there and appreciate all of what these artists have to offer, because I feel they are STELLAR. :)

Melanie Martinez
New and upcoming artist who was a contestant on The Voice. She has an indie sound that is so genuine, it melts my heart. She just signed with Adam Levine's record company and is coming out with her first album, EP style. She's the cutest thing ever who writes all her music, plays almost every instrument, and has great style. Zach and I really enjoy her and cannot wait for her own tunes to come out. Her Voice songs are available for downloads and every single one of them is worth the $1.29 :) Please check her out, even if its just to preview her beautiful voice! :)

The Lumineers
From Colorado, and tearing up the radio stations with their cool acoustic style. Ah I mean can we all say that we LOVE them! I mean really, how does one not? They are Cool in the sense of indie, of retro, of awesome, of happy, of energized, ofcatchy, ....of ...yes I could go on. :) I adore them and have become a bit obsessed with them. They are what I'm loving of this 'new age' era, they make me jump for joy! Definitely worth listening to ALL their songs. Definitely a sound to uplift your soul and make you appreciate the world around you. :)

The Head & the Heart
 Seattle based band with a fabulous indie folk sound. First introduced with their song "Lost in my Mind" and I heard it and instantly loved it. It came on the radio as I was driving through the country, it was dusk, and it was THE perfect sound for that moment. Their sound reminds me of South Carolina for some reason but I can't seem to pin point why. Another indie beatlesque band to check out, if you haven't already ;)
Imagine Dragons
Las Vegas based band with a great uppity rock beat. Their sound has a bit of techno in it, but then they throw in some indie sound and together it sounds awesome. They are a fun band to listen, get you pumped up for an event, or just boost your mood. Zach and I did an acoustic version of their song "Radioactive" and it sounded so cool. Kudos to them for coming up with such an amazing song. Check them out, they are worth it! :)
Do you have any musicians to suggest? I love all kinds of music, so please help yourself to introduce me to new sound, I will be greatly appreciative. :)
Happy Saturday!

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