Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tuesday's Treasure

Hello friends! Its Tuesday! Time for me to share my treasure's with you all! This week is especially special because the entire outfit is made up of gifts, hand me downs, or from a shopping outing at work (that was all out of his pocket...so its like a gift:) ) And you MUST know that it is 4 degrees out...yes I repeat: single digit,  all by its lonesome self, degree. So I froze my arse off just for you all,and a thank you to Michigan because today you finally felt like a real "Michigan winter". :) Now onto the clothes....
I love this outfit because its fun, cute and has a little bit of everything. And as you all know, I love hats, they are my favorite accessory and I may have an addiction to them. So of course this week I had to include one of my new hats. This particular hat has quickly become one of my favorites (but lets be real, they're all my favorite). It is great for winter because of it's soft wool texture and darker blue hue. J'adore it, and hope you do too. Bust out your plaid shirt girls and wear em' proud :)


(no prices since they were gifts/hand me downs)
Blue Wool Fedora: Forever 21
Taupe Jacket: Arizona Jeans
Plaid Button Up: Younkers
Ripped Skinny Jeans: Almost Famous
Taupe Combat Boots: Madden Girl
Stay tuned for tomorrow's new Yoga Ramblings :) 

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  1. Great outfit! Very Seattle! I love the hat too! Super-cute!


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