Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Yoga Ramblings: The 5 Principles

Hello all! Happy happy hump day! I am pretty excited today because on Wednesday's it is free community yoga at Just B Yoga, so I get super stoked on this day every week because I just LOVE going to this class.  Anyone in the local Lansing area should definitely check them out, because it is totally worth it! :) The instructor(s) and the flow through's have been amazing so far, so they can only get better is how I see it.  If not here in Lansing, check your local studio's for a free or $5 class, most offer these types of classes :)
This week I am going to go over the 5 principles of yoga. They are the basis for attaining a healthy body and mind through the practice of yoga. I will go into a brief description for each, but would love for you to take them home and apply them to your daily routine. Learning the principles and really grasping them will help your practice immensely and also help you understand yourself better :)
The 5 Principles of Yoga
 Proper Relaxation
By releasing the tension in the muscles and putting your whole body at rest, it rejuvenates your nervous system and helps acheive inner peace; which will make you more relaxed and comfortable with your body.  The feeling of relaxation when applied to your daily routine will help you conserve energy and let go of all the worries in the world. :)
Proper Exercise
Our physical body is meant to move and exercise. It is what are bodies are equipped for and proper exercise (in this case) is achieved through yoga postures or Asana (systematically working the whole body by stretching & toning the muscles, and improving blood flow) Asanas are designed to help regulate all functions of the body (mental and physical) . They will give you more strength, increased energy, and revitalate various systems of the body. Proper exercise goes along with proper breathing (next principle) and each movement should be guided by that breath. Once you become more comfortable with your movement and breath they will feel like one in the same. Asana is really beneficial to the mind, body, and soul. :)
Proper Breathing
Proper breathing is very important when practicing yoga, or any exercise routine. Breathing with a consistent rhythm and at full capacity will not only increase your oxygen intake, but keep your mind centered and focused. A proper breath should be deep, slow, and rhythmical. You can achieve this by regulating the length and duration of your inhaltion, exhaltion, and the retention of air in your lungs.  Also known as pranayama, proper breath technique helps to recharge your body and mental state. :)
(Check out you tube for some video tutorials)

Proper Diet
Diet, a terrible word that no one likes to hear, but it just means altering your food intake to better your health. I am NOT one to preach on this, so I have found some inspiration elsewhere. I love food a LOT, and cannot give up certain food items just so I can have a 6 pack. But if you want to achieve a "goal body" then definitely change your eating habits, because its not just the yoga to keep you fit, its what you are eating that contributes most to weightloss.
"What you eat extremely affects your mind. Improper diet results to mental inefficiency and blocks spiritual awareness. Proper Diet is one that nourishes both mind and body. It should be well balanced and based on natural foods. Proper Diet in Yoga also means eating in moderation and eating only when you are hungry. We sometimes tend to eat when we are upset, using food to fill the gap or the emptiness that we feel. Bad eating habits will cause our senses to be dull that we won't even notice how much we eat or how it tastes and may result to diet related ailments like Obesity and Diabetes. Food should sustain our body. It should keep the body light and supple, the mind calm, and it should also help in keeping a strong immune system."
Positive Thinking and Meditation
The way we think highly affects our way of life. Practice keeping a positive outlook in life,  and it will help facilitate having peace of mind.   It helps you remove negative thoughts and puts your mind under perfect control. Meditate to calm your mind, let go of anything and everything sitting on your shoulders and just listen to your breath. Find the balance you are looking for and apply that to your daily routine. One of my college buddies always said "positive thinking leads to positive outcomes" and she IS right. (thanks Holl)
Apply these principles to your yoga routine and your daily life and I promise you will become more alert, aware, and HAPPY.
~Happy Ramblings!~

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