Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Yoga Ramblings: Beginnings

I am really excited to add a weekly post for you all! I have had quite a few people approach me about getting started with yoga and what would be the best way for them to begin, so I feel these posts are going to be really helpful :) Beginning with how I got into it and how its helped change my life in so many, many ways.
In 2006 I began practicing yoga using Namaste Yoga by Kate Potter (it used to come on Fit TV every day, but they cancelled that station so now its on DVD for purchase). It is, IMO, the best yoga dvd out there. I tried others and they didnt give me the same effect (and affect) that Namaste Yoga did. There are three seasons in this DVD collection and what they entail is amazing! Kate Potter is the narrator herself and there are about 6 or 7 different instructors practicing the flow throughs. Each episode is a different flow through and is about 30 minutes long--each have a warm up, flow through sequence, and a cool down.  Kate has a very soft voice and walks you through the sequence, and each instructor has a different body type; so it allows you to see everyone moves at a different pace and has different levels of flexibility. It also has beautiful backgrounds, soothing music, and yoga quotes at the end of each episode.

I absolutely loved it and practiced every day for about 30 minutes. I lost weight, but for me it became more of centering my mind and letting things go. I am a HUGE worry worm, and yoga has helped calm that part of me...way down! I am still a worrier, but the more I practice yoga...the less I worry. So from my experience, yoga is important and should be included in your daily tasks. You can practice anywhere, at any time, with absolutely no time restraints.

Yoga has SO many benefits, they are almost endless. It is not about sticking the pose and going all out, instead it is to help you focus and align your whole world. It increases your energy level and stamina. It opens your mind to a plethora of possibilies that you never thought you could do, or even imagine doing. It ups your :::uhm uhm:::: sex life AND your ability to perform ;) Yoga is about the practice, not the competition. There is no max or min to your practice, YOU do what works best for your soul, body, and mind. If you fall, THATS AWESOME, falling is part of the practice. If you find yourself out of breath, come back to standing 'mountain" pose, and find your breath. You want to be sure you have a consistent steady breath to achieve the peace your looking for. There is boundless potential in each and every one of us, it is just a matter of finding the potential and utilizing it. Energy is all around us, just find some..and SMILE :)

Below on the left was my goal from a year ago, on the right is me a few weeks ago; see it is possible to reach your goals, but don't forget that time is of no essence, so don't beat yourself up if you don't reach your goal in a "timely matter" because all that matters is you are practicing to better yourself and the world around us:)

Happy Ramblings!!! :)

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