Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tuesday's Treasure

Happy happy Tuesday everyone! I have a very girly outfit for you all today. :) Girly, because there is pink involved, girly, because there are flowers involved, and one more girly...just because, and it's a fun winter outfit.
When you combine floral, black, combat boots, mint pollish and a fringe scarf...you get this! :) Not quite sure what genre of style one would put that in, but when I put it together in front of the mirror I instantly fell in love. This skirt was a great buy, and the boots I might as well wear with everything. Who says you can't have bright colors and combat boots in one outfit? Hopefully no one, if they do...their dumb, because I have discovered that combat boots pretty much go with everything, especially girly pieces. :)
Ladies get out your girly pieces and try them on with a sweet pair of boots, especially if their combat boots, and doll up your outfit. I think combing any outfit with combat boots makes you look badass. I dunno, just something about them and their kick ass kind of look. :D I did keep it girly with a floral high low skirt and long pink cardigan. I mean, I am a female ya know . Finally, I added a scarf given to me by my mom last christmas (it goes with everything too mom, thank youuu :)) Enjoy! :)

Floral High Low Skirt: Plato's Closet, H & M, $3.00
Long Pink Cardigan: Ross, American Buddha, $2.99
Happy Tuesday! :)

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Yoga Ramblings: Negative Thoughts

Ahh negative thinking, something we ALL do. No one can deny that, and if they do, ..well they're in denial obviously :) There is absolutely no way to not have negative thoughts. However, there are ways to forego those thoughts, and that's something we are rambling about today.
Truth be told, negative thinking does lead to negative happenings. Ask anyone, and you'll see a pattern that usually involves someone thinking negative about something, then that something happens, and because of the negative impact it goes wrong. Well, duh! Of course someting is going to go sour if you think badly about it, that's pretty common sense right? Ughhh, something I know we humans struggle with (trust me, I'm guilty). We are all subject to negative thinking, it's just the way our brain functions. However, because of our awesome and very functional brain, we do have ways to ignore it. Yes I said, ignore. .
First, we must understand that again, no one is perfect. There isn't a single human on this earth that doesn't have negative thoughts. It is a completely normal function of the brain, and we all encounter them. So when we scroll through our social media feeds, just remember those people portraying perfect lives , with their new houses and brand spankin' new cars, they think negative too..they just choose not to show it. And that is okay, it just makes the rest of us who believe we should have those things, and don't...become a negative Nancy. For example, something like these thoughts may come to mind after seeing a feed: "I need a house to be happy" , "Look at them, so successful, I'm going no where if I don't own a house, or car", or "That person looks great, I'll never look like that". Stop it, you are happy, successful, and look great too :) :) :)
Second, those are thoughts produced by our own brains! So guess what, we can make our brain do something else when this happens: ignore, ignore, ignore! Ignore the thoughts of bashing, and push it to the back. It might come back, but just see how long you can ignore it for. See if you can make it go away by busying yourself up; doesn't matter what it is as long as it involves not thinking of that thought! So turn on the tv, or if it's already on, grab the remote and change the channel. Get up and walk around and your mind will focus on someting else. Just try your best to ignore those nasty, negative thoughts. You were feeling negative in the first place because of some silly negative thought, so stop it. :)
Third, stop believing those ugly thoughts. Ask yourself: They aren't true are they? Are they something that defines YOU ? Do they make your day any better? Is it doing you any good dwell on the negative thiking? Does the negative thought bring about a positive happening? Don't you know you're awesome? :) Seriously, stop listening to them and eventually they will go away. Know you're beneficial somehow in this world, and don't analyze those ugly thoughts anymore, they do ya no good... no good at all. :)

Lastly, stop comparing! I am probably the biggest culprit of this :/. I am working on it, by comparing I think we should own a house by now, have 3 kids, and successful jobs with well paying incomes...just because half of my social media feed is that. But, I am realizing we don't need those things to be happy. I'm in the process of stopping myself from comparing so much, and remembering our lives are pretty sweet; and we live pretty happy and healthy lives.  And I think love IS the key to happiness. So without love, there is no happiness. And there is absolutely no love in those nasty ugly comparison thoughts. :D

~Happy Ramblings!~


Yoga Ramblings: Keek Stream

It's Sunday morning and the birds are a chirping away again, so I'm just going to assume that spring is coming early this year :D I'm stuck inside doing taxes and blogging....but nothing wrong with that bc this post is very exciting! :)
I have been asked by several people about my yoga practice, and one lovey from my Instagram world has suggested I start an IG class for those who might be interested in beginning yoga. Of course I was immediately humbled by it and excited, because someone wants to watch me practice and learn from that??? Very cool....and awesome.
 So consequently I have started a yoga video channel. However, it's not a channel, its a keek. The lovely app Keek that has been taking over, and I just discovered it. (way to keep up with the times, I know) It's a fun FREE video sharing app, and similar to Instagram. You can like and comment on videos, and follow/subscribe to people as well. It is SO much easier to upload vs a You Tube channel.  I am going to start my posts tomorrow, so if you're interested download the app (Android, Apple and Google + compatible) and look for my future yoga beginner's posts. :)
Keek name: MaryJVandy
I was just testing it out and posted a snippet from my practice yesterday here, and a funny video of sweet Lola playing dead here :)
Hope to see some familiar faces, happy keeking! :)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tuesday's Treasure

It's Tuesday and let me tell ya it feels awesome outside. Is it sad that I now get excited for 35 degree weather? Well I do, and its no its not sad because now I get it--I get what Michigander's mean by 55 degrees is shorts weather, because it totally is. Never thought I would walk outside to 35 degrees and not be freezing cold, but I have. Gooo me, its like I passed a Michigan citizen test or something. :) I've passed a test and the birds are already chirpin' along outside; hopefully it's a sign that spring is just around the corner (and yes I'm hoping for spring, because winter has been a drag: its no fun if the snow is not snowman makeable :P)
So since it was soooo warm outside today, I was able to wear something a little closer to spring but still winter-ish. :) When I went thrifting this past weekend I came across some great blue jeans, literally they are cobalt blue. I also found a pretty flowy hippy dippy shirt, together they make a very blue, da bu dee, outfit. I wanted to include the blue hat too, just because I can...and y'all know me and my love for hats.
"I'm blue da bu dee, da bu dahh..."
(not really, but c'mon you know you loved that song back in the day)



Cobalt Blue Skinny Jeans: The Goodwill, Lei, $3.69
Blue & White Flowy Top: Plato's Closet, Forever 21, $3.00
Blue Felt Fedora: Forever 21, $6.99
~Happy Tuesday~

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Yoga Ramblings: Acro Yoga

Happy happy Wednesday everyone!!! It is beautiful here in Michigan today, and almost the weekend! Yippee :)
Today's ramblings I am going to talk about acro yoga (thanks to my co-worker for her awesome Valentines Day inspired post). Acro yoga is just yoga with 2 or more people to help theraputically and physically. It is pretty awesome, and I have yet to try it (unfortunately). However, I am going to make that change...as soon as I get home today :D. Gonna have to force the hubs to do it with me, but since he loves me so much he shouldn't mind right? Right. :)
Since I have never done it before and just started reading articles about it, I am going to share a nice exerpt from About.com. It goes into details and explains it in lamens terms. :)
{AcroYoga is a form of partner yoga where two yogis work together for therapeutic release and acrobatic fun. Founders Jason Nemer and Jenny Sauer-Klein met in San Francisco in 2003 and began practicing together soon after, combining their backgrounds in yoga and acrobatics to create supported versions of traditional yoga poses with the intent to build human connections and create community.
One partner (called the base) supports the other (the flyer) in a series of aerial postures. The necessary personnel is rounded out by a spotter, who makes sure everyone has good alignment, so the flyer doesn't fall. The base most often lies flat on his or her back and supports most of the flyer's weight with his or her extended legs. The legs, when properly aligned with the ankles over the hips, can support a lot of weight, so that a small person is capable of basing a larger flyer. The base can support the flyer's hips with their feet for backbends or their shoulders for inversions, among many other possible combinations.
A therapeutic approach uses gravity to release the flyer's spine with supported inversions. An acrobatic approach allows for a dynamic partnership between flyer and base as they work together to discover creative ways to join their bodies in supported flight. After coming down, the flyer thanks the base with some Thai Yoga Massge (passive yoga stretches). While there are a number of established poses that are taught in AcroYoga classes, enthusiasts also get together for extracurricular jams, which encourage freeform acrobatic play.
Yoga can be a very solitary practice. Though many seek out a common experience by attending group classes, it can still feel like you are practicing with a bubble around your yoga mat. Partner yoga bursts that bubble, forcing an interaction. AcroYoga goes a step further by requiring cooperation and trust. AcroYoga co-founder Jason Nemer believes that it is this desire for personal connection in the face of an increasingly cyber-based world that has made AcroYoga so popular. "This practice has created a safe way for strangers to play and support each other," he says. "These are steps towards a more fun, peaceful world," he adds.}
And since tomorrow is Valentine's Day, you should go and try this with your loved one, your best friend, or anyone you love for that matter. As long as they are willing to try, it will definitely be a fun experience! Remember, falling is ALWAYS part of the practice, just try not to knock each other out if you happen to fall on one another. Don't forget to smile and have fun!
All about love :)
Involve your kids mamas!!!
I'll be sure to post a picture or two if I do get my hubs to try it with me tonight :)
~Happy Ramblings and Happy Valentines Day~


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tuesday's Treasure

Top of the day to ya! It's Tuesday, and time for me share my lovely treasures :) Hope everyone is having a decent week so far, can't believe its the middle of February already! Man does time really fly. ....So in honor of mid-February, this weeks' treasures are a Valentines Day edition. Meaning, there is going to some pink and va va voom. Can't have a Valentine's Day outfit that doesn't catch the eye, the eye of your Valentine, now can we? :)
This outfit has three main pieces, bought at three separate times, and not planned to be put together....until now. The pink midi top I found on sale and couldn't resist the sass with the price tag.  I bought the skirt for Christmas. Probably one of the few piecese I have that is not thrifted, and paid full price (believe me it is hard for me to fathom, but I had to have this skirt) The jacket I found thrifting, and couldn't believe my eyes because at first I thought it was Chanel. Of course, with my luck, it wasn't...so that's okay. I'll take faux Chanel any day, not like I'd be able to ever afford the real thing.
 Together, they make this cute outfitt, perfect for a lot of outings..especially Valentines Day. 

Nice face huh? ;)

Black Tweed Chainlink Jacket: Goodwill, Forever 21, $4.99
Pink Midi Top: Charlotte Russe, $4.99
Brocade Metallic Peplum Skirt: Forever 21, $19.99
The most I've ever spent, but remember it wasn't all at once. Sometimes the clothes you already have are just waiting to be made into a great outfit. :) Give it a go, and you never know...you just might surprise yourself :)

~Happy Tuesday~

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Yoga Ramblings: Tunes

 This week's ramblings we are going to discuss some great background music that will help really your flow through! Well, at least it has helped mine and I would NOT be where I am today in my practice if it were not for music.
 As Frederick Neitzsche said:
And boy was he right. Seriously, music makes my life. You will always catch me listening to music , unless I'm watching TV or at work. I combine it with everything and it makes those things THAT much more enjoyable. Music is LIFE; something we all need to remember :)
When it comes to yoga I have found many great artists--and a big thanks to Pandora's lovely awesomeness. Your practice will be enlightened with the right music of your choice and that steady consistent breath. Increasing not only the blood flow to your brain, but using the creative side with a a great tune. Great yoga music, to me, is definitely something I need--something that makes me feel love and want to open my arms to the world. A sound that is so rich in love that it makes you smile from ear to ear while deep in flow (which is an awesome thing to do, but everyone should always smile while practicing:D) Let the love you have for music guide your flow through.
"Feel the earth, move, under your skin"--literally.
I am going to give you a list of my favorites, so try them out on Pandora and see if it meshes with your flow. If not, pick a station you already love on your Pandora, or iTunes and start practicing. Eventually you'll find just the right sound that fits YOU. Remember its YOUR practice, so you don't have to like my choices, just have something (dead silence is okay too, remember your choice :D )
1) First love was the music background of Namaste Yoga by Kate Potter. I loved the music so much from the DVDs, that I bought the soundtrack on CD (probably available on iTunes nowadays lol). It is awesome for practice! Has no words, only instrumental. So if you're looking for a soft instrumental sound, Namaste Yoga sounds are for you.
2) The second artist I love is Benji Wertheimer. He is by far one of my favorites for practice. I use him as the "station" and it brings up other great artists as well; but I've noticed I enjoy more of his music. He has a very Indian (India the country, not Native) sound to his music, even though he is American. It really soothes my soul and I absolutely love practicing to his music. Seriously, its the BEST. :) Definitely a MUST check out. :)
3) The third artist I have become slightly obsessed with is Moby and his Pandora station. It seriously...takes me away (Calgon style) Ever seen the movie, The Beach (with Leonardo DiCaprio)? Well if you havent, you should, because the song Porcelain by Moby is on it and it will make you DREAM, smile, and probably be jealous of the island they are showing in the movie. BUT, it is fantastic for flow and in general! :)
4) And last, but certainly not least is Imogen Heap. Thanks to the studio I have been attending every week, I now have another great Pandora station to play for my practice. She is a very cool artist and the artists that are on the station aren't always similar to hers, so you may have to hit next a few times to get to a tune you like; BUT she is pretty chill in her own :)

 I hope you all check out these music recommendations! And have a happy happy day!
~Happy Ramblings~

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tuesday's Treasure

Well I missed last week's treasure, but I was able to come up with something to share for you all this week. I can't believe I haven't shared this one with you all yet; could be because I wear it so much, so I have to wash it more :) It is definitely my favorite outfit lately, and I just can't get enough of it!
The jeans I had already and a few months ago decided to give them a face lift. I got a fabric marker, stencil of my choice, and went to town. Now I have a great pair of DIY print jeans, that I adore. And that I need to make more for spring and summer, but short style. :) You know and my love for DIY!
The hat I got on our shopping outing at work, and it too is my favorite lately.
Managed a smile, thanks hubs :)

Maroon Felt Fedora: Forever 21, $6.99
Black Fringe Shawl: FREE, Christmas Gift
DIY Print Jeans: Ross (originally), $10.99, $8 to make aztec print
~Happy Tuesday~

Stay tuned for tomorrow's Yoga Ramblings :)

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Yoga Ramblings: Imperfection is Perfection

Perfection. Something we all strive to pursue every day. Every day we try to make our lives perfect as can be. And every day, we fail. Why do we fail, you ask? Well simply because no one is perfect, and no one ever will be. We won't be because nothing is perfect, perfection is socially instilled in our minds. The media has plastered images all up in our heads; and those images have brain washed our minds into thinking that perfection is the key to happiness. For instance, if you have $100 Lululemon leggings, you will master a headstand and become the ultimate fit queen. Or if you restrict yourself from the food you love, you will consequently have the perfect dream body.I am talking about those things in life we do, or we have, that we think are going to make our lives perfect...eventually. But in reality, those aren't the things we love the most, or at least shouldn't, and aren't ever going to help us reach imaginary perfection.

 First you need to love yourself first. Know that you are enough in this world, and just being is enough. :) Stop trying to reach perfection it will NEVER happen. When it comes to pleasing others, I am guilty of trying for perfection (I'm diligently working on that one), but not when it comes to body image and self, I feel I am over that stage of my life. I realized I was made to be who I am, which is a free spirit with an outspoken but open mind.  And although I began practicing yoga for fat/weight loss, it turned into practicing for my well being. To better myself, my soul, and my heart. Although, if I see a change in my body, I am always pleased to know that what I am doing is benefiting my health, but it is not because I'm trying to achieve the perfect body. Keeping a postive ::no competition:: mind set through practice will truly increase your level of happiness and capability. The body is an amazing thing,and should be loved...not tortured. If you ever feel pain in your workout regime, you should stop and go back to center (no matter your regime). Working out, yoga or not, should be enjoyable and should be good pain, not bad pain. We all know the difference too, but sometimes we have the mindset that if it hurts it's going to give us the best definition. Wrong, it will be painful and annoying--so why put yourself through that? I see no rhyme or reason to, so LOVE your body...because it tries every day to love you! :)
Ladies (and gentlemen), you will never be completely satisfied with how your body looks, until you give up competing with yourself. Give up looking at the scale every day, or every week, or even every month. That is a number, that means absolutely nothing. Give up the food restricted diet and let your body tell you when it is hungry, and let your mind tell you what you're craving. You shouldn't not eat a cookie for 6 months because you're trying to look perfect in a bikini for the summer. If you want that cookie, then eat it! But don't overindulge, we all know how that turns out. We get that one cookie out of the cookie jar, eat it really fast, and then we look like the cookie monster 2 minutes later because you've just devoured 3 more cookies. Okay, don't DO that. But eat maybe 2 cookies, very slowly. Let your body enjoy that awesome cookie, and sooth that cookie craving soul of yours. Its okay, I promise :)
In conclusion, we should ALL stop trying to be perfect. Because those imperfections are what makes us who we are as individuals. Whether it is in your practice or life in general, embrace those imperfections and let the world see them!
 Here are some ways to start the embracing stage:
1) Love the skin you're in. It loves you, so love it.
2) Expect happiness. Trust me, it's there.
3) Ignore you're inner critic. It means nothing.
4) Stop people pleasing, let them love you for you.
5) Shoot for the stars, their actually in reach.
6) Value yourself, you're totally worth it.
7) Challenge negativity, knock it down with positivity.
8) Know what you want, and just do it.
9) Trust your own opinions, they do mean something.
10) STOP trying to be perfect, there is no SUCH thing.

~Happy Ramblings~