Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tuesday's Treasure

Top of the day to ya! It's Tuesday, and time for me share my lovely treasures :) Hope everyone is having a decent week so far, can't believe its the middle of February already! Man does time really fly. ....So in honor of mid-February, this weeks' treasures are a Valentines Day edition. Meaning, there is going to some pink and va va voom. Can't have a Valentine's Day outfit that doesn't catch the eye, the eye of your Valentine, now can we? :)
This outfit has three main pieces, bought at three separate times, and not planned to be put together....until now. The pink midi top I found on sale and couldn't resist the sass with the price tag.  I bought the skirt for Christmas. Probably one of the few piecese I have that is not thrifted, and paid full price (believe me it is hard for me to fathom, but I had to have this skirt) The jacket I found thrifting, and couldn't believe my eyes because at first I thought it was Chanel. Of course, with my luck, it wasn't...so that's okay. I'll take faux Chanel any day, not like I'd be able to ever afford the real thing.
 Together, they make this cute outfitt, perfect for a lot of outings..especially Valentines Day. 

Nice face huh? ;)

Black Tweed Chainlink Jacket: Goodwill, Forever 21, $4.99
Pink Midi Top: Charlotte Russe, $4.99
Brocade Metallic Peplum Skirt: Forever 21, $19.99
The most I've ever spent, but remember it wasn't all at once. Sometimes the clothes you already have are just waiting to be made into a great outfit. :) Give it a go, and you never know...you just might surprise yourself :)

~Happy Tuesday~

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  1. Very nice! Even with the skirt, that's not a bad sum for an outfit. :)


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