Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tuesday's Treasure

It's Tuesday and let me tell ya it feels awesome outside. Is it sad that I now get excited for 35 degree weather? Well I do, and its no its not sad because now I get it--I get what Michigander's mean by 55 degrees is shorts weather, because it totally is. Never thought I would walk outside to 35 degrees and not be freezing cold, but I have. Gooo me, its like I passed a Michigan citizen test or something. :) I've passed a test and the birds are already chirpin' along outside; hopefully it's a sign that spring is just around the corner (and yes I'm hoping for spring, because winter has been a drag: its no fun if the snow is not snowman makeable :P)
So since it was soooo warm outside today, I was able to wear something a little closer to spring but still winter-ish. :) When I went thrifting this past weekend I came across some great blue jeans, literally they are cobalt blue. I also found a pretty flowy hippy dippy shirt, together they make a very blue, da bu dee, outfit. I wanted to include the blue hat too, just because I can...and y'all know me and my love for hats.
"I'm blue da bu dee, da bu dahh..."
(not really, but c'mon you know you loved that song back in the day)



Cobalt Blue Skinny Jeans: The Goodwill, Lei, $3.69
Blue & White Flowy Top: Plato's Closet, Forever 21, $3.00
Blue Felt Fedora: Forever 21, $6.99
~Happy Tuesday~

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