Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tuesday's Treasure

Happy happy Tuesday everyone! I have a very girly outfit for you all today. :) Girly, because there is pink involved, girly, because there are flowers involved, and one more girly...just because, and it's a fun winter outfit.
When you combine floral, black, combat boots, mint pollish and a fringe scarf...you get this! :) Not quite sure what genre of style one would put that in, but when I put it together in front of the mirror I instantly fell in love. This skirt was a great buy, and the boots I might as well wear with everything. Who says you can't have bright colors and combat boots in one outfit? Hopefully no one, if they do...their dumb, because I have discovered that combat boots pretty much go with everything, especially girly pieces. :)
Ladies get out your girly pieces and try them on with a sweet pair of boots, especially if their combat boots, and doll up your outfit. I think combing any outfit with combat boots makes you look badass. I dunno, just something about them and their kick ass kind of look. :D I did keep it girly with a floral high low skirt and long pink cardigan. I mean, I am a female ya know . Finally, I added a scarf given to me by my mom last christmas (it goes with everything too mom, thank youuu :)) Enjoy! :)

Floral High Low Skirt: Plato's Closet, H & M, $3.00
Long Pink Cardigan: Ross, American Buddha, $2.99
Happy Tuesday! :)

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