Sunday, February 3, 2013

Yoga Ramblings: Imperfection is Perfection

Perfection. Something we all strive to pursue every day. Every day we try to make our lives perfect as can be. And every day, we fail. Why do we fail, you ask? Well simply because no one is perfect, and no one ever will be. We won't be because nothing is perfect, perfection is socially instilled in our minds. The media has plastered images all up in our heads; and those images have brain washed our minds into thinking that perfection is the key to happiness. For instance, if you have $100 Lululemon leggings, you will master a headstand and become the ultimate fit queen. Or if you restrict yourself from the food you love, you will consequently have the perfect dream body.I am talking about those things in life we do, or we have, that we think are going to make our lives perfect...eventually. But in reality, those aren't the things we love the most, or at least shouldn't, and aren't ever going to help us reach imaginary perfection.

 First you need to love yourself first. Know that you are enough in this world, and just being is enough. :) Stop trying to reach perfection it will NEVER happen. When it comes to pleasing others, I am guilty of trying for perfection (I'm diligently working on that one), but not when it comes to body image and self, I feel I am over that stage of my life. I realized I was made to be who I am, which is a free spirit with an outspoken but open mind.  And although I began practicing yoga for fat/weight loss, it turned into practicing for my well being. To better myself, my soul, and my heart. Although, if I see a change in my body, I am always pleased to know that what I am doing is benefiting my health, but it is not because I'm trying to achieve the perfect body. Keeping a postive ::no competition:: mind set through practice will truly increase your level of happiness and capability. The body is an amazing thing,and should be loved...not tortured. If you ever feel pain in your workout regime, you should stop and go back to center (no matter your regime). Working out, yoga or not, should be enjoyable and should be good pain, not bad pain. We all know the difference too, but sometimes we have the mindset that if it hurts it's going to give us the best definition. Wrong, it will be painful and annoying--so why put yourself through that? I see no rhyme or reason to, so LOVE your body...because it tries every day to love you! :)
Ladies (and gentlemen), you will never be completely satisfied with how your body looks, until you give up competing with yourself. Give up looking at the scale every day, or every week, or even every month. That is a number, that means absolutely nothing. Give up the food restricted diet and let your body tell you when it is hungry, and let your mind tell you what you're craving. You shouldn't not eat a cookie for 6 months because you're trying to look perfect in a bikini for the summer. If you want that cookie, then eat it! But don't overindulge, we all know how that turns out. We get that one cookie out of the cookie jar, eat it really fast, and then we look like the cookie monster 2 minutes later because you've just devoured 3 more cookies. Okay, don't DO that. But eat maybe 2 cookies, very slowly. Let your body enjoy that awesome cookie, and sooth that cookie craving soul of yours. Its okay, I promise :)
In conclusion, we should ALL stop trying to be perfect. Because those imperfections are what makes us who we are as individuals. Whether it is in your practice or life in general, embrace those imperfections and let the world see them!
 Here are some ways to start the embracing stage:
1) Love the skin you're in. It loves you, so love it.
2) Expect happiness. Trust me, it's there.
3) Ignore you're inner critic. It means nothing.
4) Stop people pleasing, let them love you for you.
5) Shoot for the stars, their actually in reach.
6) Value yourself, you're totally worth it.
7) Challenge negativity, knock it down with positivity.
8) Know what you want, and just do it.
9) Trust your own opinions, they do mean something.
10) STOP trying to be perfect, there is no SUCH thing.

~Happy Ramblings~


  1. There is no such thing as perfection. The sooner that people realize this, the happier they will become -- myself included.

  2. Exactly! Thanks Bonnie, myself included too!;)

  3. Thank you mary. I really feel like this blog is helping me natalie in sc

    1. Awe Natalie and you for reading it! That's the purpose and I'm glad it's working :):) Love ya sweet girl!


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