Sunday, February 24, 2013

Yoga Ramblings: Keek Stream

It's Sunday morning and the birds are a chirping away again, so I'm just going to assume that spring is coming early this year :D I'm stuck inside doing taxes and blogging....but nothing wrong with that bc this post is very exciting! :)
I have been asked by several people about my yoga practice, and one lovey from my Instagram world has suggested I start an IG class for those who might be interested in beginning yoga. Of course I was immediately humbled by it and excited, because someone wants to watch me practice and learn from that??? Very cool....and awesome.
 So consequently I have started a yoga video channel. However, it's not a channel, its a keek. The lovely app Keek that has been taking over, and I just discovered it. (way to keep up with the times, I know) It's a fun FREE video sharing app, and similar to Instagram. You can like and comment on videos, and follow/subscribe to people as well. It is SO much easier to upload vs a You Tube channel.  I am going to start my posts tomorrow, so if you're interested download the app (Android, Apple and Google + compatible) and look for my future yoga beginner's posts. :)
Keek name: MaryJVandy
I was just testing it out and posted a snippet from my practice yesterday here, and a funny video of sweet Lola playing dead here :)
Hope to see some familiar faces, happy keeking! :)

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