Sunday, February 24, 2013

Yoga Ramblings: Negative Thoughts

Ahh negative thinking, something we ALL do. No one can deny that, and if they do, ..well they're in denial obviously :) There is absolutely no way to not have negative thoughts. However, there are ways to forego those thoughts, and that's something we are rambling about today.
Truth be told, negative thinking does lead to negative happenings. Ask anyone, and you'll see a pattern that usually involves someone thinking negative about something, then that something happens, and because of the negative impact it goes wrong. Well, duh! Of course someting is going to go sour if you think badly about it, that's pretty common sense right? Ughhh, something I know we humans struggle with (trust me, I'm guilty). We are all subject to negative thinking, it's just the way our brain functions. However, because of our awesome and very functional brain, we do have ways to ignore it. Yes I said, ignore. .
First, we must understand that again, no one is perfect. There isn't a single human on this earth that doesn't have negative thoughts. It is a completely normal function of the brain, and we all encounter them. So when we scroll through our social media feeds, just remember those people portraying perfect lives , with their new houses and brand spankin' new cars, they think negative too..they just choose not to show it. And that is okay, it just makes the rest of us who believe we should have those things, and don't...become a negative Nancy. For example, something like these thoughts may come to mind after seeing a feed: "I need a house to be happy" , "Look at them, so successful, I'm going no where if I don't own a house, or car", or "That person looks great, I'll never look like that". Stop it, you are happy, successful, and look great too :) :) :)
Second, those are thoughts produced by our own brains! So guess what, we can make our brain do something else when this happens: ignore, ignore, ignore! Ignore the thoughts of bashing, and push it to the back. It might come back, but just see how long you can ignore it for. See if you can make it go away by busying yourself up; doesn't matter what it is as long as it involves not thinking of that thought! So turn on the tv, or if it's already on, grab the remote and change the channel. Get up and walk around and your mind will focus on someting else. Just try your best to ignore those nasty, negative thoughts. You were feeling negative in the first place because of some silly negative thought, so stop it. :)
Third, stop believing those ugly thoughts. Ask yourself: They aren't true are they? Are they something that defines YOU ? Do they make your day any better? Is it doing you any good dwell on the negative thiking? Does the negative thought bring about a positive happening? Don't you know you're awesome? :) Seriously, stop listening to them and eventually they will go away. Know you're beneficial somehow in this world, and don't analyze those ugly thoughts anymore, they do ya no good... no good at all. :)

Lastly, stop comparing! I am probably the biggest culprit of this :/. I am working on it, by comparing I think we should own a house by now, have 3 kids, and successful jobs with well paying incomes...just because half of my social media feed is that. But, I am realizing we don't need those things to be happy. I'm in the process of stopping myself from comparing so much, and remembering our lives are pretty sweet; and we live pretty happy and healthy lives.  And I think love IS the key to happiness. So without love, there is no happiness. And there is absolutely no love in those nasty ugly comparison thoughts. :D

~Happy Ramblings!~



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  2. Soooooo true!!! Thoughts become reality!

    Have you ever seen the movie/documentary "The Secret"? It always inspires me to keep my thoughts positive and to focus on what I want, rather than what I don't want!

    1. I like Your Comment, I'm borrowing it, I'm sure you don't mind ;-)


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