Thursday, February 7, 2013

Yoga Ramblings: Tunes

 This week's ramblings we are going to discuss some great background music that will help really your flow through! Well, at least it has helped mine and I would NOT be where I am today in my practice if it were not for music.
 As Frederick Neitzsche said:
And boy was he right. Seriously, music makes my life. You will always catch me listening to music , unless I'm watching TV or at work. I combine it with everything and it makes those things THAT much more enjoyable. Music is LIFE; something we all need to remember :)
When it comes to yoga I have found many great artists--and a big thanks to Pandora's lovely awesomeness. Your practice will be enlightened with the right music of your choice and that steady consistent breath. Increasing not only the blood flow to your brain, but using the creative side with a a great tune. Great yoga music, to me, is definitely something I need--something that makes me feel love and want to open my arms to the world. A sound that is so rich in love that it makes you smile from ear to ear while deep in flow (which is an awesome thing to do, but everyone should always smile while practicing:D) Let the love you have for music guide your flow through.
"Feel the earth, move, under your skin"--literally.
I am going to give you a list of my favorites, so try them out on Pandora and see if it meshes with your flow. If not, pick a station you already love on your Pandora, or iTunes and start practicing. Eventually you'll find just the right sound that fits YOU. Remember its YOUR practice, so you don't have to like my choices, just have something (dead silence is okay too, remember your choice :D )
1) First love was the music background of Namaste Yoga by Kate Potter. I loved the music so much from the DVDs, that I bought the soundtrack on CD (probably available on iTunes nowadays lol). It is awesome for practice! Has no words, only instrumental. So if you're looking for a soft instrumental sound, Namaste Yoga sounds are for you.
2) The second artist I love is Benji Wertheimer. He is by far one of my favorites for practice. I use him as the "station" and it brings up other great artists as well; but I've noticed I enjoy more of his music. He has a very Indian (India the country, not Native) sound to his music, even though he is American. It really soothes my soul and I absolutely love practicing to his music. Seriously, its the BEST. :) Definitely a MUST check out. :)
3) The third artist I have become slightly obsessed with is Moby and his Pandora station. It seriously...takes me away (Calgon style) Ever seen the movie, The Beach (with Leonardo DiCaprio)? Well if you havent, you should, because the song Porcelain by Moby is on it and it will make you DREAM, smile, and probably be jealous of the island they are showing in the movie. BUT, it is fantastic for flow and in general! :)
4) And last, but certainly not least is Imogen Heap. Thanks to the studio I have been attending every week, I now have another great Pandora station to play for my practice. She is a very cool artist and the artists that are on the station aren't always similar to hers, so you may have to hit next a few times to get to a tune you like; BUT she is pretty chill in her own :)

 I hope you all check out these music recommendations! And have a happy happy day!
~Happy Ramblings~

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