Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tuesday's Treasure

Before you SAY anything, I know it has been a long time...and I know I always say this...BUT I had good excuses. You know like the weather being a total drag and working like a mad hatta! But hey, I didn't say I was perfect, nor did I make you a promise to post every week; but I do try..and that's all I can do :) Now onto this week's...or maybe this month's Tuesday's Treasure (its just darlin')!
I have gone thrifting a couple times in the last few months and have gathered up some pretty adorable outfits (If I do say so myself :P). This week is especially adorable and found at a great price. There is a store here called "Thrift Store". Original, I know...but they have some pretty good finds. And I found this whole outfit there, and one piece happened to still have its tags on it; so either the original owner didn't care too much for it, or this thrift shop gets thrifted newbies...which is rad.
The top is a cute lace crop top, with a peplum edge. The pants are red, floral, and so girly! I'm in love with both of these pieces and of course don't think of them together until I come home and put together some outfits. I hope you enjoy today's treasures because they were such great finds and I am DEFINITELY going to wear them OUT! :)
Happy Tuesday and Happy Thrifting...ENJOY! :)

Lace Crop Top: Thrift Store, $0.99
Floral Red Jeans: Thrift Store, Wet Seal, $3.99