Friday, October 4, 2013

Yoga: Why You Should Start

Hello friends. Excuse my absence these last 6 months, but I hope to be back in the game as life has taken such a positive turn.
Today I will be attending a new yoga studio and with that I will be applying to their Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) that begins in January. I am beyond excited to follow my yoga dream and become a certified yoga instructor. With that said, I have had many friends come to me with yoga questions and shared interests--and that makes me SO HAPPY. I firmly believe everyone should practice yoga. Why? Well here are a few reasons to start (if you haven't already..and if you have a few reasons to continue on the yoga path)
It is very beneficial. To your body, to your mind, and to your soul.
It is FREE. Yes, I said free. No gym memberships required, no money. Unless you purchase a DVD, but that is a one time purchase. It outweighs the monthly payments any day.
You can practice ANYWHERE and at ANY TIME. Home practice I feel is necessary, helps you gain confidence within your practice and you can tweak your practice to your likings.
MOST studios offer a FREE or $5 class each week. That is a bargain, especially for professional tips. You can take what you learn to your home practice and in turn balance your yoga.
Yoga is about YOU. It is NOT about competition, about personal records or time. It is about YOU and YOUR mat. Remember it's YOUR practice, no one else's. Yoga instructors are there to give you alignment advice and peace of mind. They are unlike any other coaches or trainers; whom tell you which goals should be met in certain timely manners. Or weigh you every so often..... yoga has no scale.
Yoga heals all. It will help you MENTALLY, PHYSICALLY and SPIRITUALLY. You do not have to be religious to practice yoga, it is for EVERYONE.
The earth is your mat. Meaning use WHATEVER "prop" you want to help advance yourself. You will see an advance in your practice when you take it off your mat. That one tree, graffiti wall or sandy beach is just waiting for you. :)
It helps all disorders and ailments. Have depression? Anxiety? Or how bout scoliosis? Try yoga, I promise you will not regret the way you feel after stepping off your mat. Its a 5000 year old practice; there is nothing older than yoga when it comes to "exercise". Yoga exercises the body, the mind and the soul. Trust me :)
Yoga, yoga, yoga. Just know it is waiting for you and whether you're a male or female, obese or skinny, depressed or WILL help you. Trust yourself.

That place I am so grateful to know and experience. It heals me.

I never thought I would advance so much in my practice. I also never thought I would want to become a yoga instructor. But with my passion for helping others and passion for the practice, I know it is the path I should take. I cannot wait to begin helping others within their practice, and helping them ease their minds. I cannot begin to express my love for yoga and what it has done for me. I love yoga, and am SO happy to finally follow my passion for it.

Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.

Namaste Y'all :)


  1. Good luck in your Yoga endeavors, Mary. Your devotion and ambition for self-improvement and helping others will take you where you want to go. Janet

  2. Where do u live can u be my yoga teacher?? :)

    1. Ahh that would be awesome ;) I live in Michigan, is that close to you :) I do plan on doing retreats and workshops in the future, but that will be a ways down the road :) :)


Thanks for the support ! :) Peace and Love! :)